Lycan Prince Matteo Novel by Lovella Novela

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Lycan Prince Matteo Novel Summary.

Freya is the adoptive daughter of the warrior mated couple of the Midnight Pack. She didn’t have a scent, so everyone thought that she didn’t have a wolf, just like humans.

Matteo Harith is the Lycan prince, soon to be king, who was waiting for his mate. He had smelled her since 9 years ago in the palace, but after that, he never found her, no matter how much he looked for her.

When Matteo was assigned by his king’s father to look into the case of a pack that had been wiped out, he lived in the Midnight Pack and found Freya.

The moment Matteo stepped out of his SUV, Freya found out that he was her mate. But Matteo couldn’t smell her at all. A tournament that had been held within the pack made Matteo find Freya to be his mate when their eyes met.

When Matteo finally smelled Freya’s scent, it was also the time that she remembered what had happened in her childhood and that the palace had refused to help them when they asked, which caused her biological parents’ death.

What is he going to do when Freya was blaming the royals and wanted to reject him even after they mark each other?.

Lycan Prince Matteo Novel by Lovella Novela
Lycan Prince Matteo Novel by Lovella Novela

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