Lusting For Ralph Novel by Cassandra Davy

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Lusting For Ralph by Cassandra Davy.

Lusting For Ralph Novel Summary.

He is your friendly neighborhood bad boy and he can also see the dead. He is R A L P H. Ralph has a player reputation,

women flock to his side like a moth to a flame. Ralph is known as the campus man whore. But unlike those other bad boys, R A L P H is the sweetest of them all.

And our R A L P H has been crushing for his childhood best friend for years. While she was seeing him as the bad boy she should steer away from. She believes that tigers never change their stripes.

Will our R A L P H give up with his pursuit? Will his crush finally give him a chance? Add this book to your library ❤️ This book might be a sweet light read But the steamy will be intense, insane, and extra hot… just because it’s R A L P H 😏.

Lusting For Ralph Novel by Cassandra Davy
Lusting For Ralph Novel by Cassandra Davy

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