Luna Abigail’s Second Chance Novel by Natacha_H

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Luna Abigail’s Second Chance Novel Summary.

“You can’t be my mate. Why would the Moon Goddess pair me with the pack abomination? I, Daemon Fenrirson, future Alpha of Black Moon,

reject you Abigail Stone-Goldmoon as my mate and Luna.” When Abigail hears the crushing words of her mate, her heart shatters into a million pieces.

The pain of being deemed unworthy is almost unbearable. Born as a hybrid, part wolf, part witch, Abigail is bullied and mistreated because of that.

As she’s rejected on her 18th birthday, she experiences the first taste of what her life is going to throw at her. Abigail knows her fate is going to be difficult, but the Goddesses have it in store for her.

Fate hands Abigail a second chance mate and pack, she will be powerful, maybe even more so than anyone knew and she will have to be ready to fight for the freedom of the entire realm and all their people.

But with danger lurking around every corner, will Abigail be able to rise to the challenge and fulfill her fate as a powerful Luna?.

Luna Abigail's Second Chance Novel by Natacha_H
Luna Abigail’s Second Chance Novel by Natacha_H

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