Lucifer’s Human Bride Novel by Jade Weaver

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Lucifer’s Human Bride by Jade Weaver.

Lucifer’s Human Bride Novel Summary.

“No, my queen, but missions are for servants, and you are not a servant. You are the queen of the underworld.

Your mission is to serve your people and always be with your husband.” Medusa stated. Medusa’s words sparked a fire in her, and she couldn’t take it any longer, so she sat up in bed.

“Why can’t you just be on my side for once in your life?” Lucinda asked, sounding hurt. “Lucinda, you don’t understand, I want the…”

Lucinda cut in, putting her hand in the air. “I don’t want to hear it! Get out!!” Lucinda said, pointing at the door. “I said get out now!!” she snapped.

Medusa pursed her lips and clutched her book before jumping down from the bed. Lucinda was a beautiful human girl who became Lucifer’s bride overnight she was always limited to only hell,

but she wanted to go to earth, she wanted to live amongst people, Lucifer granted her wish, but she had to take an oath never to

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fall in love with a human or the consequences is death. Will she break the oath? Will she fall in love with a human? Read to find out.

Lucifer's Human Bride Novel by Jade Weaver
Lucifer’s Human Bride Novel by Jade Weaver

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