Low Profile Knight Novel

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Sun Jing’s mother had embarked on a journey abroad for work, leaving her son with a heartfelt request: “Don’t contact me until you graduate from university.” As Sun Jing diligently pursued his studies, he held onto the promise that his mother would return upon his graduation. However, when that momentous day finally arrived, his mother’s absence continued to haunt him. Driven by an insatiable longing to reunite with her, Sun Jing made the bold decision to venture overseas in search of the missing piece of his heart.

After a five-year quest that yielded only a cryptic letter in his mother’s distinctive handwriting, assuring him of her well-being but offering little solace, Sun Jing found himself at a bus stop one fateful day. There, an enchanting woman, donned in an alluring maid outfit, suddenly materialized before him. With an aura of mystique, she whispered a tantalizing promise: “Your wishes can come true in the other world.”

Low Profile Knight Novel
Low Profile Knight Novel

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