Loving Willow Novel by LadyRosabella

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Loving Willow Novel Summary.

Willow, daughter of Zane and River, has had a crush on her best friend since she was ten years old. Her overprotective family members and friends are worried that he’ll break her heart.

Meanwhile, however, an evil is brewing that may change every thing Willow thought she knew. Will she have the strength to over come it or will it break the cheerful girl.

Will Trent, son of Micah and Lily, ever act on his desires for his best friend or will he allow insecurities to rule over his life. Join Zane, River, Micah, Lily, Rhett, Lacey, Vance and Grace as well as their many children in the third book of the Loving series.

1. Loving River

2. Loving Lily 3. The Ranger’s Daughter

4. Loving Willow This is a clean historical romance that will have an HEA Happy Reading

Loving Willow Novel by LadyRosabella
Loving Willow Novel by LadyRosabella

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