Love Religion Novel by Victory Freedom

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Love Religion Novel Summary.

Amanda Lakeside, an intelligent, lonely, and petite fifteen year old girl who had just lost her mother to the cold hands of death, hoped for a happier life as she reunites with her deadbeat father who reached out to her and asked for forgiveness because he was dying.

Unfortunately for Amanda, her happy reunion with her father was dead on arrival as he used her to pay off a debt that he owed to his community’s oldest and wealthiest man who dies on the same night of him and Amanda’s wedding.

Being young and also a widow in the small town of Artdale is not a fate that anyone will wish on themselves. After being betrayed by her father, the people of Artdale and the local police,

Amanda thought that her life couldn’t get any worse but the widows of The Sacred Saint Church, led by the snobbish and fanatic Mrs. Agnes Hudah, proved her wrong as they unleashed hell on her.

Five years later, Amanda’s life took a drastic turn when the town’s parish brought a hot and breathtaking preacher, Oleander who brought confusion to both Amanda and the other ladies in town.

Love Religion Novel by Victory Freedom
Love Religion Novel by Victory Freedom

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