Love Me In The Dark Novel by Lovi Pola

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Love Me In The Dark Novel Summary.

Under the cover of darkness, when the night envelops the world, Penelope Casey finds herself entangled with the man of her dreams.

He exudes charisma, oozes sexiness, and what initially seemed like a fleeting encounter without introductions has now evolved into a year and a half of pure pleasure.

While it may be a tad peculiar that he only graces her bed under the cloak of night, Penny is convinced that he is the perfect match for her, and she finds it impossible to turn him away.

Ace Romano possesses a deep understanding of Penny that goes beyond her wildest imagination. She is undeniably stunning, fiercely independent, and cautious when it comes to relationships.

However, Hawk, as he is known, battles with his own inner demons, preventing him from forming meaningful connections with others.

Nevertheless, when Penny becomes inadvertently involved in Denver’s dangerous underground scene, Ace’s protective instincts emerge with full force.

The challenge lies in Penny experiencing Ace’s commanding alpha demeanor in broad daylight, which causes her to question whether he is still the one she thought he was.

Love Me In The Dark Novel by Lovi Pola
Love Me In The Dark Novel by Lovi Pola

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