Love Me Back, Mr CEO Novel by Qween Boj

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Love Me Back, Mr CEO Novel Summary.

Mia Thomson is an eighteen-year-old high school student who gets dumped by her longtime boyfriend.

When she finds out that he’s now in love with her best friend, and that they’ve been seeing each other for a while now (behind her back), she passes out and gets rushed to the hospital.

And that’s where she meets Shawn Mandez, the CEO of Beats Corporation. The man is in dire need of a bride, and she decides to help him.

But immediately after signing their marriage certificate, he divorces her. “I’ll have my personal assistant send you the divorce papers.” The CEO, who was not a man of many words, blurted out calmly.

Right at this point in time, a black Maybach slowly pulled up in front of them. Without sparing the girl as little as a second glance,

the demi-god stepped into the luxurious car and it soon disappeared out of sight. Mia was stunned.

Love Me Back, Mr CEO Novel by Qween Boj
Love Me Back, Mr CEO Novel by Qween Boj

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