Love, Lust, Revenge Novel by Bebeeizrael

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Love, Lust, Revenge Novel Summary.

“Suck it” Lu ordered.   It was more like pleading because his voice was faint. His eyes look dark, ready for pleasure as he shut them again.

With Alita’s lips slowly taking him in, all he could imagine at that point was to stay like that forever. To have his divk in her and do all bad things with her.

“Do it now” He said a little loud this time “It’s all yours, just suck it, Amore” From saving her as a kid, to making her his sex toy, Luciano never thought about revenge.

He only worry about how she would cry if she realizes that he was the blue eyed kids that shit her father 12 years ago.

Love, Lust, Revenge Novel by Bebeeizrael
Love, Lust, Revenge Novel by Bebeeizrael

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