Love Bound With Mr. C.E.O Novel by Moonlight

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Love Bound With Mr. C.E.O Novel Summary.

Petra Boom is a young, beautiful lady who is contracted to work for a Mafia don. She is full of a fiery spirit and can be impulsive.

She has a streak of favoring illegal jobs, but her heart is always in the right place. Nicholas Blake is a young CEO and billionaire who works with the Mafia don for the purpose of his business.

He is new to emotions and love since he has always focused on business all his life. It had been the safer and more reliable means of escape from a life he wasn’t ready for.

Petra is conditioned to loathe Nicklaus. The oil billionaire’s arrogant and slutty reputation precedes him, so she isn’t ready for the heart-stopping, pants-wetting reality.

Their rather intense chemistry sends shockwaves through her, especially when her life is at stake and she is cornered into accepting his help.

Petra knows she’ll find ecstasy in Nick’s arm; her tingling insides are proof, but her mind tells her otherwise. Petra puts all her effort into finding ways to survive her situation with the mafia.

For Petra, survival is the most important thing. Would Petra eventually find her way out? Would Blake be willing to sacrifice his business for the woman he loves?.

Love Bound With Mr. C.E.O Novel by Moonlight
Love Bound With Mr. C.E.O Novel by Moonlight

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