Love Battle Novel by Zeezeefortune

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Love Battle Novel Summary.

“I promise to grab you closer to myself” Alex grabbed Vivian closer as he was talking, and Vivian placing her soft breast on his chest.

“Bites your soft and small lips” Alex kissed Vivian’s lower lips as he was talking; Vivian closed her eye and her heart breathing heavily.

“Kiss you deeply still we feel that love between—“Vivian suddenly pushed him away with force and step back, looking at him and she didn’t really get herself.

“What happened? Have you been lying to me all these while that you LOVE?” Alex said with loud voice. “No! No!! I love you and you know that” Vivian said with low voice and shaking.

“Then this is the time to prove it to me, why don’t you want me to have that kiss that I have been waiting for so long—-“ “I MARRIED TO YOUR BROTHER NOW” Vivian said with low voice as Alex was talking.

Vivian and Alex had been an online lover for three years but all of a suddenly, Alex just disappeared from Vivian and turned to a ghost on social media’s.

Five years later, two of them met each other physically and Alex turned out to be her husband’s brother. Alex wanted the love back and despite to take her from his brother at all cost.

Love Battle Novel by Zeezeefortune
Love Battle Novel by Zeezeefortune

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