Love and Revenge(Book 1) Novel by Anna Shannel Lin

Ensure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Love and Revenge(Book 1) by Anna Shannel Lin.

Love and Revenge(Book 1) Novel Summary.

Brent Santillian a favored adopted son of Rodriguez family. He has been falling in love with the daughter of the Rodriguez family, the only heiress Shantal Rodriguez.

She hated Brent’s arrival into their family because all the privilege she should have was given to him. She left her home during college out of her frustration and envy and the hatred has grown into her heart.

Later on, she learned that her parents plan an arranged marriage for her and Brent that leave no other option but to accept it. They lived together as a couple yet she took revenge on him.

Brent loved her for more than ten years but he decided to let go of her after several struggles he has been received from his wife.

After he heard the Rodriguez Group of Companies are in trouble he returns back to save it and they meet again yet he is not the old husband Shantal had.

Cold treatment and indifference she got from him but how things will going to change when Brent found out they have a cute little son.

Love and Revenge(Book 1) Novel by Anna Shannel Lin
Love and Revenge(Book 1) Novel by Anna Shannel Lin

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