Lost in your Curves Novel by Nieves G

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Lost in your Curves Novel Summary.

Ava Golf is the heiress of the important fashion company G&G, which belonged to her grandfather.

She is an intelligent, successful and well-known woman in the world of business and fashion. She has never lacked a suitor, however, all the boyfriends that Ava has had, have ended up leaving her for another woman, always thinner or younger.

According to gossip, this is because Ava is a chubby woman, with a few extra pounds and very pronounced curves. So, thanks to this, at the age of 33, Ava is still single.

After her last break-up, Ava decides that she will no longer believe in love, she swears to herself that from now on, she will only have casual encounters,

no boyfriends or thoughts of marriage, and with that premise she goes out partying with her friends. That same night, she meets Alex Grand, a handsome man with blue eyes,

with whom she has a casual intimate encounter and whom she never plans to see again. However, Ava’s surprise is great when, the next day,

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she learns that the same Alex Grand she slept with the night before turns out to be one of the new partners in her grandfather’s company.

Ava doesn’t imagine that this handsome stranger will come into her life to stay forever and turn her life upside down.

Lost in your Curves Novel by Nieves G
Lost in your Curves Novel by Nieves G

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