Lords Online: Kingdom-building Novel

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Lords Online: Kingdom-building Novel Summary

Is the game that everyone was waiting for. A full dive mechanics of medieval fantasy and warfare. Players play as Lords while battling to survive. Recruiting villagers, managing their lands and realm, aiming for prosperity or unrivaled warfare. A game of conquest as well as survival. Enemies were demons, monsters, or other kingdoms themselves.

Our MC was an Esports player called Regressor which was his alias. He excelled in MOBA games, Strategy games, Martial arts games, and Kingdom-building games.

Now that he was at the top, his games have become boring. The appearance of Lords Online has sparked the fires that dimmed inside his heart. Especially since it was the first VR full-immersion game that would be released.

Beta testers said that they have 100% immersion as well as feeling the pain, fatigue, hunger, and exhaustion. Making it a full immersion at its pinnacle!
Also, the game was dreadful and fear-striking. Jump scares were at their best and you will be in full dive. And so, you could only pray that you will not wet your pants while in a dream-like state. Making you scream while in your dreams. 

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Now this game was not for the faint-hearted and it could challenge your wits and will. The game that would revolutionize the Lordship and Kingdom-building genre to another level!

Lords Online: Kingdom-building Novel
Lords Online: Kingdom-building Novel

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