Livestock Care Taker Work in Canada with $18/Hour Pay

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Key Responsibilities

  • Feeding: Providing the right amount and type of food to ensure the nutritional needs of the animals are met.
  • Watering: Ensuring a constant and clean water supply for the livestock.
  • Shelter: Providing suitable shelter to protect animals from adverse weather conditions.
  • Health Monitoring: Regularly checking the health of the livestock and promptly addressing any signs of illness.
  • Cleanliness: Maintaining a clean environment to prevent the spread of diseases and parasites.
  • Handling and Restraint: Safely managing and restraining animals for tasks such as veterinary care or transportation.
  • Record Keeping: Maintaining records of feeding schedules, health observations, and other relevant information.
  • Breeding Management: Overseeing breeding activities and ensuring the well-being of newborn animals.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Taking care of tools and equipment used in the care of livestock.
  • Emergency Response: Responding promptly to emergencies such as injuries or unexpected situations to ensure the safety of the animals.
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