Liar, Liar Billionaires Novel by Lola Ben

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Liar, Liar Billionaires Novel Summary.

She is feisty. She is crazy. She is versatile and that is one of the few reasons why Chloe Pepper is so good at her job.

And she is back in town to mingle and dine with the NAG brothers until the famous billionaires are successfully jailed. ~ Three men, famous for their wealth and beauty.

Three brothers not from the same mother with a bond so strong no one has been able to cut through.

They are the NAG brothers and they are about to receive an unknown storm in their household in the form of Chloe Pepper.

Working undercover is one thing, surviving the fiery gazes and seducing gestures of the famous gorgeous billionaires is something else.

Will Chloe be able to expose the crimes of these brothers without being caught in her surprisingly fitting maid’s uniform?

Or will she find herself falling for the charms of one of them or… two or… three of them, hence jeopardizing her mission?.

Liar, Liar Billionaires Novel by Lola Ben
Liar, Liar Billionaires Novel by Lola Ben

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