Lewis-Clark State College Out-of-State Scholarship is for Top Students Like You

Lewis-Clark State College offers Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students. This scholarship is an automated merit-based scholarship. This implies that the scholarship is applied certain as long as you meet the criteria for the scholarship. There is no need to apply for the scholarship if you meet up with the deadline. This scholarship is one of the 8 best scholarships in the United States for international students.

Lewis-Clark State College is a university in Lewiston, Idaho, where two rivers (Clearwater and Snake), two cities (Lewiston and Clarkston), and two states (Idaho and Washington) come together. It is also a point that units two communities namely; Nez Perce Tribe and the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery. This university was founded in 1893 to advance academic programs, career & technical education programs, and community programs. This public academic institution is blessed with world-class facilities making it one of the best universities in the west (even compared to its private counterparts).

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Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is for international students that want to run their first degree at Lewis-Clark State College.

Scholarships are available for various majors, minority students, first-year freshmen, transfer students and non-traditional students.

Host Nationality

This scholarship is hosted by a US university called Lewis-Clark State College. However, the scholarship is meant for both citizens and international students without restrictions on which country.

Eligibility for the Lewis-Clark State College Undergraduate Scholarship

You need to have at least a 2.5 CGPA on 12 or more courses to qualify for this scholarship.

Here is a table of summary of the requirements and eligibility

PresidentialWUEAsotin CountyAchievement
Minimum Requirements3.0 GPA OR ACT 20/SAT 10203.0 GPA OR ACT 20/SAT 10203.0 GPA OR ACT 20/SAT 10203.50-4.0 GPA OR ACT 28/SAT 1310
Who is eligible?All StudentsWestern States in the USAsotin County StudentsWUE/Presidential recipients only (excludes Asotin County)
OffersVariesRecipients pay 150% of Idaho tuition$3,000/year$2,000/year

Furthermore, you also must be a volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours per semester.

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If you intend to transfer to Lewis-Clark State College for this scholarship, preference will be given to partnering universities.

If you are receiving or have received an athletic waiver, then you are not eligible for this scholarship.

Required Documents to Apply for Lewis-Clark State College Undergraduate Scholarship

The required documents you need are those you need when applying for admission. Your transcript from high school or secondary school as the case may be.

However, you should include your voluntary exercises in your application.

Application Process

There is no need to apply for the scholarship. All you need to do is apply for admission into the university. The scholarship is like the discount given when you apply a coupon to make a purchase. Once the coupon is confirmed, the discount is given. This is how this scholarship works. Once you meet the criteria, the scholarship will be given automatically.

There is no limit to the number of international students that can apply for this scholarship but sometimes there is a budget for it and applicants are prioritised by GPA.

Nonetheless, if you want to know more check the Lewis-Clark State College portal.

How Recipients are Selected

There is no selection process for this scholarship. No board or committee to review applications because the scholarship is automated. The system grants scholarships to qualified students automatically.

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For students that apply for this scholarship after the deadline, there is a budget for it. It becomes a 50-50 probability

Scholarship Award

This scholarship has different amounts for different CGPA grades. I will be putting this in tabular format.

Deadline for the Lewis-Clark State College Scholarship

This scholarship will close in march 2022. So go ahead and apply for admission, if you meet the criteria and you will surely be granted admission.

But if you do not meet up with the deadline, that’s if you are seeing this update after march then you have to apply for the scholarship to be considered.

Tips to Win the Lewis-Clark State College Undergraduate Scholarship

Look around you for any voluntary service and join them. This is a necessity for you to be awarded the scholarship.

Understand that the university doesn’t have a minimum or a maximum number of students that will be given this scholarship every year so it boils down to you if you want to win or not.


Lewis-Clark State College Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students is one of my favourite scholarship programs.

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