Kzilon the Yellow Dragon Novel by Amaryllis Ravenn

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Kzilon the Yellow Dragon Novel Summary.

In the span of a hundred years, a dragon would be born to guard its kingdom. But Kzilon’s story took a different turn when he was born alongside his sibling dragon, as an immortal being.

He could not be burned, feel pain, or die. He had no other weaknesses, and that led him to desire death. Almost everyone he loved had left him,

while he remained seated on his throne as the king of dragons. Until a thousand years passed, and only then did he seek the answer to his own demise.

With the help of Sireen, a maiden who possessed the knowledge Kzilon needed to discover his death. They traveled from the future to the past, embarking on a quest to find the answer to his mortality.

A journey through various kingdoms in search of other dragons. But will they be able to fulfill their mission? And if they do, will Sireen be able to witness the king, Kzilon, lose his life?

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This is the tale of a man blessed with the blood of the yellow dragon. Kzilon the Yellow Dragon.

Kzilon the Yellow Dragon Novel by Amaryllis Ravenn
Kzilon the Yellow Dragon Novel by Amaryllis Ravenn

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