Konoha: Comprehension Maximal Novel

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Konoha: Comprehension Maximal Novel Summary

Ninja World, Konoha’s 60th Year. 

The night was getting late, the only moon was in the sky, and the moonlight was bright and bright. 

In the southeast corner of Konoha there is a wooden house with a forest behind it. 

The wooden house was not big, and there lived a young man named Tsukika Kamisito.


Exhaling turbid air from his mouth, Tsukika Kamisito’s slightly closed eyes suddenly opened. 

His eyes were blazing, and there seemed to be neon light flowing in them. 

Tsukika Kamisito is twelve years old this year, and he looks very handsome, because he is not old, he looks a bit gentle and cute. 

“Finally, the first three gates of the Eight Forbidden Gates are permanently opened!” 

Talking to himself in his heart, Tsukika Kamisito slightly raised the corners of his mouth, feeling very good. 

Konoha: Comprehension Maximal Novel
Konoha: Comprehension Maximal Novel

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