KISSED BY A STRANGER Novel by Zeezeefortune

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Ella was kissed with forced by a total stranger who was trying to avoid his girlfriend that still wanted to be with him. 

For him to apologise for his deeds, the arrogance and pride in him didn’t let him. Ella really felt embarrassed for this but she let it goes.

Getting to her patient’s house that she was going to, two of them met each other there again and this stranger thought maybe she followed him to collect money or another KISS.

“I used you for a business and I am paying you” Bryson said with loud voice. “Used me for a business? For you to apologise for what you just did that is totally wrong,

what you can said is that you used me for a business. Who the hell are you” Ella said with loud voice and so burning. “Are you not happy that I kissed you?”

“Excuse me” Ella said with low voice as Bryson said so, and she was totally confused. She hadn’t encountered this kind of rubbish before in her life.

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“YES! A man like me kissed you and you want to tell me that you are not happy?” Bryson said with arrogance and pride. Ella was just short of words and didn’t know what to say.

“Is this not what you ladies want; even you suppose to be happy that I kissed you and be linking your lips all day because this is a big worth” Bryson said with loud voice.

KISSED BY A STRANGER Novel by Zeezeefortune
KISSED BY A STRANGER Novel by Zeezeefortune

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