KISS OF BLOOD Novel by CarolFS

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KISS OF BLOOD Novel Summary.

Stella is a young girl who grew up surrounded by the love and affection of her parents, but half of that love was stolen from her when her mother mysteriously dies when the girl is still just a child.

The years pass quickly, and the lies and mystery seem to grow and grow as Stella grows older, with only her father as the only member of her family still alive,

the girl lives in a remote corner of a small town’s countryside. The rest of her happiness is stolen from her when her father is brutally killed in front of her by dangerous and unknown men,

Stella relives the second trauma of her life and will have to fight to live in the cruel world without being caught by the same creatures that took the life of her beloved father.

Stella had no idea that she was about to encounter another face of this world still completely unknown to humanity, not normal human beings like the rest of the world, but powerful creatures thousands of years old that could break your bones with just a single effort.

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Running away will not be a choice, it will be the last option Stella will have to survive and find out why her parents are suspiciously dead, the young woman simply did not imagine she would meet and get to know Victor Laurent.

Appearances can often be deceiving, but this was not the case when the seductive looking vampire entered the girl’s life and completely devastated her.

United by survival and loneliness, Stella and Victor will face together what caused her pain and hurt the people they loved most in the world.

Can a human girl fight against a legion of older vampires and win? Love and desire are on Stella’s side, and this should give her the strength to fight evil and avenge the death of her parents.

KISS OF BLOOD Novel by CarolFS
KISS OF BLOOD Novel by CarolFS

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