KINESIS: I Am The Villian by Aster_Pheonix

The planet changed when the Earth’s core unexpectedly started to become unstable. As a result, the age of psykers, when people were able to change the rules of nature, began. Plants changed into living predators, while animals changed into vicious beasts. Then followed a brutal struggle between the three species for dominance.

Read KINESIS: I Am The Villian by Aster_Pheonix
Read KINESIS: I Am The Villian by Aster_Pheonix

Cities were overrun by beasts, killing thousands of people. The psykers were the only people capable of defending humanity, and after several years of conflict, they were able to retake the destroyed cities. Although a new era of civilization had begun, psykers continued to pursue monsters in order to prevent another horrific conflict.

Twenty years later, a family was on vacation in Paris when a swarm of animals descended upon the city. When his mother and sister were being eaten by these creatures, Miles Reed, who was still a young child, watched as his father, a brave psyker, was murdered by other psykers who conspired against him to make it appear as though he died trying to rescue lives.

Miles was lucky to avoid such a terrible fate. He also had the good fortune to be adopted by a wealthy family who had also lost a son in the catastrophe that day.

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Miles was filled with the dark energy of hatred, but he never forgot where he came from. He became a ruthless adult. To exact revenge on his family, he brutally murdered his enemies and destroyed any clans or guilds that stood in his way, eventually rising to the position of the world’s most vile criminal.

Read KINESIS: I Am The Villian by Aster_Pheonix Online

Read KINESIS: I Am The Villian by Aster_Pheonix online for free.

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