Kidnapped by the billionaires Novel by Bella Johnson

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Kidnapped by the billionaires Novel Summary.

Vanessa Rogue, a broke college student dropout gets kidnapped the same night as doctor Kimberly Lex, due to a coincidence and simple misunderstanding.

Both ladies now find themselves as captives of very powerful, wealthy, and influential men. Valentino Foxx and Wayde Patino are both influential and powerful CEO of the two biggest companies in the country.

They’ve been friends for years as well as business partners. But unknowing to the outside world, Wayde and Valentino are the most feared leaders of the biggest mafia group in the country.

What would Vanessa and Kimberly do to regain their freedom? And how will Wayde and Valentino react when they’re stuck with beautiful and innocent prisoners?

Will these powerful men get way too attached? Follow this transition from fear, lust to love.

Kidnapped by the billionaires Novel by Bella Johnson
Kidnapped by the billionaires Novel by Bella Johnson

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