Kidnapped by the Arab Novel by Lea Faes

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Kidnapped by the Arab Novel Summary.

Ahmed Khan is a tormented man, he was unfaithful in the past and lost the one he loved the most. Now fate has brought a beautiful girl into his life.

They spend a night together by mistake, and this mistake will completely change his life. What will happen when he kidnaps her and takes her to Dubai, now that he has become a Sheikh due to a promise made to his father?

Mia is a beautiful girl who is forced by her stepmother to marry a dangerous mafia man whom she doesn’t love. She spends a night with a stranger by mistake.

What will happen when she is kidnapped by the Arab? Will she be able to adapt to the strange traditions of a country she doesn’t know?

Carlo Román is an Italian mafia boss who will tirelessly search for his kidnapped girlfriend. He is willing to do anything to get her back.

Kidnapped by the Arab Novel by Lea Faes
Kidnapped by the Arab Novel by Lea Faes

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