Just Love Forever Novel by Nan

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Just Love Forever Novel Summary.

“If you were a superstar , had a pretty girlfriend and a perfect life suddenly had to marry an older adult woman,

whom you didn’t love at all, would you expect to accept?” I know why evan refused to marry me, but at least that’s what I think of pris’s life.

She was very young, twenty-five years old. Evan still has a long future ahead of him. But I also understand how her grandmother felt.

Grandma planned my wedding with evan so perfectly. And, it makes me feel so guilty.It’s just, I don’t have a choice. If I accept this offer, then it means I broke evan’s girlfriend’s heart.

But if I refuse, too many will be disappointed. Obviously, whatever my plans are, it’s just as bad. Evan would still hate me.

Just Love Forever Novel by Nan
Just Love Forever Novel by Nan

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