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These words don’t just refer to excellent academic institutions where people can go to improve their minds. Even people know who the school is and what it stands for.

The Juilliard School in New York is the only institution in the world of performing arts with a similar influence.

 When a movie or TV show needs a character to be a top-notch musician, they write that person as a Juilliard graduate. 

Parents dream of raising Juilliard students when they see their child banging pots and pans like a drummer. In some cases, such popularity is just a bunch of noise without substance, but not Juilliard. 

Since its opening in 1905, the school has taken pride in attracting legendary teachers to train the next generation of musical masters.

 One of his instructors is world-renowned vocal teacher Robert White Jr. But White is not only an excellent teacher; he is also a noted scholar, whose research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Voice.

Under the guidance of such renowned teachers, Juilliard has grown into one of the most respected and popular music schools in the United States.

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What to know About Juilliard 

8% of applicants are accepted to the performing arts school The Juilliard School. 

The Juilliard School, which is in New York City, is regarded as one of the best performing arts colleges in the nation and is highly selective. 

Including Grammys, Tonys, and Emmys, Juilliard alumni have collectively taken home hundreds of prestigious national honors. 

Nearly 30 theaters and performing arts venues surround the campus, which is a part of Manhattan’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, immersing the conservatory in the city’s artistic and performance culture. 

With an average class size of 12 students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 5 to 1, students receive individualized attention from the faculty.

Consider applying to this prestigious institution. The Juilliard School admissions data is provided below.

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What is Juilliard Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The acceptance rate at The Juilliard School was 8% for the 2017–18 admissions cycle. 

As a result, only 8 out of every 100 applicants to Juilliard were accepted, making the admissions process extremely competitive.

As you’d expect from a legendary music school, Juilliard is highly competitive. 

A pass rate of 7 means that 1 out of 10 people won’t pass. In fact, 93 of her 100 applicants have been rejected.

No doubt, these are daunting numbers, especially during the application process. But believe it or not, Juilliard’s rates are not far behind schools of similar quality. 

Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music has an acceptance rate of 12, and Philadelphia’s Curtis School has a microscopic acceptance rate of 2.

While this fact may be disappointing, the low rates are good news for those who receive letters of acceptance.

These small numbers result in fewer students, which has several advantages.

 First, the small number of students means small class sizes. Juilliard’s world-class teachers and small class sizes allow each individual to have more personal time. 

The more attentive you are, the more proficient you are with your instrument and the more opportunities you have to play it.

 Second, attending an elite school puts you in the ranks of the best of the best. 

Practicing and learning alongside other world-class musicians allows him to hone his skills and ensures he remains one of the world’s best programs in his field.

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What is Juilliard Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

3.55% of transfer applications are accepted by the Juilliard School, which is competitive.

 You need a current GPA of at least 3.15, ideally around 3.28, to be considered for admission to The Juilliard School.

Is Juilliard Hard to get into?

Yes, Juilliard is among the most difficult colleges in the country to get into.

 Juilliard is exceedingly difficult to get into, as seen by its extraordinarily low acceptance rate of barely 8%.

 Juilliard is the top performing arts institution in the world, with rigorous entrance requirements and a distinguished legacy in classical art history, which accounts for its competitiveness.

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Does Juilliard Require Test Scores?

For the majority of applicants, the Juilliard School does not require SAT or ACT test results. 

Homeschooled students are required to submit SAT or ACT scores, and applicants whose native language is not English must do so by submitting SAT, ACT, or TOEFL scores.

For students who were homeschooled or whose first language is not English, Juilliard advises taking the SAT or ACT writing section.

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Juilliard SAT Requirements 

No SAT requirements 

Juilliard ACT Requirements 

No ACT requirements 

What are the Admission Requirements for Juilliard 

The Juilliard School is one of the top performing arts schools in the country, boasting low acceptance rates and highly competitive enrollment. 

However, Juilliard’s admissions process has little to do with high school grades or standardized test scores. 

Juilliard has a comprehensive admissions process that primarily focuses on auditions, application essays, and letters of recommendation.

 There seems to be no real pattern in the data in the scatterplot above. 

Students who enter tend to have above-average grades and test scores, mainly because students who excel in the performing arts tend to be solid students. 

We find that most of our admitted students have a GPA above 3.0, a total SAT score (ERW+M) of 1000 or above and an ACT Composite of 20 or above. 

However, ACT and SAT scores are not a required part of any Juilliard application, except for homeschooling and international students.

 Foreplay is also a determinant of admission, whether the average is ‘B+’ or ‘A’. 

Note that some Juilliard majors are more competitive than others.

 Juilliard typically accepts 24 dance students and 8–10 acting students. 

Most students are accepted into the music department and the level of competition varies by instrument and program. 

Before being invited to audition, we pre-screen applicants for some areas, such as vocals, piano, and violin.

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Transfer Requirements for Juilliard 

Although The Juilliard School carefully considers candidates’ records and diplomas, there are no particular courses, GPAs, or class ranks necessary. 

Unless it is part of the audition callback procedure, the Juilliard School does not need interviews for admittance.

What GPA do you need to get into Juilliard 

The GPAs of accepted students from high school are not disclosed by the Juilliard School.

A good GPA to aim for at Juilliard is at least 3.0. However, students with even lower GPAs may be considered for admission to Juilliard.

This is because grades are not the most important factor for admission to Juilliard. 

Each student must pass a primary instrument audition for admission. 

Many students have to pass the recording phase in front of a screen just to be invited to audition.

 Some majors, such as writing, require successful interviews with faculty and passing a theory test as part of admission. 

No matter how you cut it, getting into Juilliard is incredibly difficult. Because you must have a very high skill level to enter.

 When prospective Juilliard School students imagine getting ready for school, they imagine playing an instrument several times a day and pacing their voices. 

They don’t imagine spending late nights in the library or sticking their nose into a book. Still, many music schools prefer students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

 But more importantly, what it means for student success in the program. 

College is hard work, and Juilliard wants to know that only those who meet the expectations will be accepted. can be dealt with reliably.

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How to Apply to Juilliard 

The Juilliard School often does not specify any particular classes, GPAs, test results, or class rankings for admission to this program. 

However, to ensure you have the scholastic proficiency required to succeed in the college-level curriculum, we will carefully review your academic record and the required essay.

Alternative to juilliard 

If You Enjoy The Juilliard School, You Might Enjoy These Institutions

  • New York University
  • Yale University
  • Berklee College of Music
  • New England Conservatory of Music

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it worth going to Juilliard?

Yes, attending Juilliard can be very rewarding, especially for someone who is very passionate and dedicated to the performing arts. Training at Juilliard may be tough, but you’ll hone your skills and become a top performer.

 Is Juilliard the best music school?

Yes, Juilliard is considered the premier music school in the United States and stands for musical excellence. In addition, Juilliard is one of the world’s leading performing arts schools.

 Where do Juilliard students live?

Juilliard students enrolled in undergraduate programs or with no prior college education experience must reside on campus in the Meredith Williamson Residence Hall.

 Does Juilliard have a meal plan?

 Juilliard School students residing in halls must have a meal plan that includes meals and room charges. Students are initially given a plan of 19 meals per week but can switch to another plan after arriving on campus if desired.


The Juilliard School may be the most famous music school in the world, but popularity does not always equal quality. 

Just because a school is well-known doesn’t mean it’s kept up-to-date or worthy of popularity.

As made clear in the previous paragraph, that’s not a problem for Juilliard. 

The school not only lives up to its reputation, but it also exceeds it.

 Not only does it count as today’s most respected working musicians among its regular faculty, but it also boasts a long list of influential alumni and artists who have changed the way we think about music. 

Naturally, such an important institution attracts thousands of applicants, and Juilliard cannot accept all of them. 

With an acceptance rate of just 7%, the majority of applicants are rejected.

 But let’s say you decide not only to become a professional musician but also to get a first-class education. 

In that case, Juilliard can train you if you have a full musical education. Being accepted into the school is the first step towards creating the music that tomorrow’s students will learn and admire.


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