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John McKay Scholarship Program: All You Need to Know

The John McKay Scholarship Program has joined the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program under the Unique Abilities category (FES UA). Current McKay families will be able to stay in their current public or private school choice setting, or they will be able to use the additional options available under the FES UA education savings account model to further customize their child’s education experience for their specific needs.


Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is strictly for high school or secondary school education in the United States

Host Nationality

The John McKay Scholarship is sponsored by Senator John M. McKay of the United States of America.

Criteria for the John McKay Scholarship Program

  • You must first apply to your school before withdrawing from it in order to be considered for the John McKay scholarship. To be eligible for the John McKay scholarship program, you must submit a 504 Accommodation Plan or an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  • You must have registered to finance a Florida public school in the GRADES k-12 Florida education finance program in October or February.
  • You must also have been a pre-kindergarten student who was said to have received early learning specialized instruction at the office.
  • You must have completed pre-kindergarten and be at least four years old.
  • You may have visited the Florida deafblind school in October or February.
  • You may be a child raised by someone other than your parents
  • if you are accompanied by a member of the United States Armed Forces and transfer from a country to a Florida school.
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NB: If you meet the above criteria, you may be eligible to apply for John McKay scholarships. If you do not have a 504 accommodation or an IEP, you may still be eligible.

You do not qualify for the John McKay Scholarship. If:

  • It is impossible to meet with your private school teacher in a regular and physical setting.
  • You are enrolled in more than two courses per academic year in a state-funded virtual/correspondence school or distance learning program.
  • You have now been accepted into the Florida School for the Blind and Deaf.
  • You have now signed up for a private tutoring session.
  • You’ve applied for yet another state scholarship.
  • You have successfully registered for the department’s Juvenile Justice Program.

Terms for the John McKay Scholarship

The scholarship is valid until you graduate from high school, return to public school, or reach the age of 22. Whatever comes first.

It is important to note that if you are receiving a John McKay private school scholarship and wish to transfer to a public school, your parents must notify the district.

The number of public schools from which you can choose will be determined by the district. To re-establish your eligibility for a private school, you must participate in an October or February student survey.

Deadline for the John McKay Scholarship Program

No payments will be made if the John McKay Scholarship Program parent intent and student fee schedule are not submitted by the deadlines.

Please keep in mind the deadlines for private schools to submit student documentation, which is listed under Private Schools Responsibilities.

To avoid complications due to unforeseen circumstances, the Department of Education will begin processing student scholarships at least four weeks before the payment deadline.

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Application Process for the John McKay Scholarship Program

As previously stated, the John McKay Scholarship allows parents to select which Florida school their child will attend.

Before you can withdraw your child from public school, you must first file an intent to apply for the scholarship program.

After completing the intent to participate form, you must contact the school district to inquire about the available public schools for your child.

You must be aware that you must complete the John McKay scholarship intent form at least two months before receiving your first scholarship payment.

You must also ensure that your child is eligible and select a private school.

You must also ensure that your child abides by the private school’s rules and regulations.

It is your responsibility to see that your child attends a private school during the school year. Only illness or other serious reasons can cause your child to miss school.

If you want to know how much your child is eligible for a scholarship, you should look into statewide evaluations.

It is critical to actively participate in selecting the best school for your child and to follow up on any concerns.

You should also be aware of your child’s scholarship amount and review his or her fee payment schedule to understand how the funds are being used.

Scholarship Reward

The scholarship amount is equal to the amount you would have received if you had attended the public school assigned to you or the tuition and fees of the private school you choose.

It is important to note that the scholarship does not cover all private schools. Your parents are responsible for any tuition or fees that exceed the scholarship amount.

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John McKay Scholarship payments are usually made in four equal instalments per year. Payments are made on a set date. This is the first of September, the first of November, the first of February, and the first of April.

An individual check is issued to the student’s parent or guardian. The money will then be mailed to the DOE and deposited into the private school’s account.

The warrant for a direct deposit to the school account will be approved by the parent or guardian.

You have been admitted to the private school and are therefore eligible for the payment.


What exactly is the John McKay Scholarship in Florida?
The John McKay Scholarship gives Florida students with disabilities the option of attending a private school or a public school other than the one for which they are zoned.

How much is the Florida John McKay scholarship?
What is the value of a John McKay Scholarship? The scholarship amount is equal to the amount the student would have received in the public school to which the student is assigned, or the amount of tuition and fees at the private school, whichever is less.

What happened to the John McKay scholarship?
The original law that established the John McKay Scholarship Program will be repealed on June 30, 2022. Students enrolled in the McKay Scholarship Program will be eligible for the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program under the Unique Abilities category beginning July 1, 2022. (FES UA).

Can the John McKay scholarship be used for homeschooling?
BEFORE you withdraw your child from public school, make certain that you have applied. If you are approved for a John McKay Scholarship and enrol in a private school that does not accept John McKay or homeschool your child, you will automatically forfeit the John McKay scholarship.


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