Jannah’s Choice Novel by Jannah1559

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Jannah’s Choice Novel Summary.

All Jannah ever wanted was to be free and become something greater than a slave. Even in a world ruled by vampires, she truly believed that she was meant to be more than a slave.

One day, her dream finally comes true when she receives a letter from the Vampire King, Vlad. It was a call for her and all human women to join the selection where women compete for the King’s affection and the winner is crowned the King’s Mate and Queen.

She meets the vampire General and the King on her first day at the castle, and she is torn between the two as times goes on. As she tries hard to win the King’s heart in the competition,

the other competitors try hard to bring her down. Then as she acquires superpowers, she is found to be the prophesied one that will save all the human and vampire race from the Demon King and his demons that keep attacking them.

As drama unfolds and romance blossoms along with action, can she survive them all and win the selection to free all humans or will they all get to her and end her prophecy? It all depends on who she chooses as written in the prophecy, the General or the King? Who will it be?

Jannah's Choice Novel by Jannah1559
Jannah’s Choice Novel by Jannah1559

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