Italian Billionaire Marriage Novel by Authoress Vicky

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Italian Billionaire Marriage by Authoress Vicky.


Italian Billionaire Marriage Novel Summary.

They were never meant to be. She’s married, still he doesn’t care. She loves her husband. “To hell with that”, he said.

It started with a card, an invitation card sent to the Salvador’s household. Cassie’s life changed the moment she boarded the ship with her husband, Domingo Salvador and encountered Raphael De Vincente, a rich billionaire who would stop at nothing to have her regardless of whether she’s married or not.

It started as a casual fling to Raphael, but in time, he couldn’t deny his feelings, to him, Domingo doesn’t deserve her and he is willing to prove it to her that she is HIS, whether she like it or not.

Will Cassie be able to withstand his advance and stick to her love for her husband or will she fall prey to his advances.

Follow their love triangle in the story and figure out what happens next in this thrilling and exciting story.

Italian Billionaire Marriage Novel by Authoress Vicky
Italian Billionaire Marriage Novel by Authoress Vicky

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