Infinite Cultivation System Novel

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Infinite Cultivation System Novel Summary

In the billions of lives he’s lived, Admon struggled to end a single evil. When the evil was destroyed, he no longer had a purpose or a cause, nothing but exhaustion pursued him. When asked what he wanted as a reward, he asked for rest, knowledge and power. At the end everything was given to him.

Having achieved what he wanted, Admon cultivated for a year and became capable of shaking the world.
In ten years, he reached the power to bend reality and space ceased to be a concept for him.
At the hundred years, he could enter and exit hell as he wished and the line between life and death began to disappear from his eyes.
When it was a thousand years, heaven began to be shaken by him and even the gods had to kneel before him.
At ten thousand years, the universe itself had changed its rules to worship him.

Despite all this, there was only one thing he wanted: Rest.

Will this determined and naïve man ever stop being the centre of the world and achieve his goal?

Infinite Cultivation System Novel
Infinite Cultivation System Novel

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