30+ Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Students from Teachers

The holiday season is a wonderful time for teachers to show their appreciation and spread joy to their students. 

While staying within a budget is important, plenty of inexpensive gift options can bring smiles to students’ faces. 

This article will list out the 30+ inexpensive holiday gift ideas for students from teachers in 2024 that are thoughtful, engaging, and won’t break the bank.

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Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Students from Teachers in 2024

Below are some inexpensive holiday gifts for students from teachers in 2024:

1. Personalized Bookmarks

These delightful laminated bookmarks are perfect for students and avid readers. These personalized treasures can be customized with your preferred name and colors, making them an ideal gift. 

Each bookmark stands at a fixed height of approximately 2 inches, while the length varies according to the number of letters in the chosen name. Embrace the joy of reading with personalized bookmarks!

2. Personalized Name Sign Wooden Art

Celebrate graduations with the ultimate special gift that every student desires. These unique personalized wood art pieces are crafted using the student’s name, creating a stunning masterpiece. 

With various options available, you can choose from different types of wood and decide whether to include the first or last name. 

These name signs are more than just decorative pieces – they inspire self-awareness and instill a sense of pride in the child. Watch as they grow, develop, and embrace their individuality with these remarkable name signs.

3. Mini whiteboards and dry-erase markers

Enhance students’ learning experiences and promote interactive engagement with the gift of mini whiteboards and dry-erase markers. 

These portable whiteboards offer a versatile tool for various educational activities, allowing students to practice problem-solving, brainstorm ideas, and participate in group discussions.

4. Inspirational quote cards

Ignite motivation and positivity in students with inspirational quote cards. These small portable cards carry powerful messages that uplift spirits, encourage perseverance, and inspire personal growth. 

Inspirational quote cards are daily reminders of the power of positive thinking and the potential for greatness. 

DIY craft kits: Unleash students’ creativity and imagination with the gift of DIY craft kits. These kits provide all the necessary materials and instructions for students to engage in hands-on art projects, allowing them to express themselves and explore their artistic abilities.

5. Cute keychains

Add a touch of charm and personalization to students’ belongings with the gift of cute keychains. These small accessories serve a practical purpose and allow students to showcase their individuality and style.

Cute keychains come in various designs, ranging from adorable animals to whimsical characters, colorful patterns, or personalized options.

Stickers or sticker sheets: Delight students with the gift of stickers or sticker sheets, a fun and versatile way to personalize their belongings, express their creativity, and add a touch of color and personality to their world.

Stickers come in various designs, themes, and sizes, catering to various interests and preferences.

6. Mini plants or succulents

Bring a touch of nature and greenery into students’ lives with the gift of mini plants or succulents. 

These small living organisms beautify their surroundings and provide numerous benefits for physical and mental well-being.

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Mini plants or succulents are excellent gifts for students as they are low-maintenance and can thrive in various environments, including dorm rooms, bedrooms, or even desks.

7. Customized notepads or sticky notes

Elevate students’ organization and note-taking with customized notepads or sticky notes. These personalized stationery items serve a practical purpose and add a touch of uniqueness and style to their academic routines.

Customized notepads and sticky notes can be tailored to each student’s preferences, featuring their name, initials, or even a motivational message.

8. Magnetic poetry sets

Spark creativity and inspire students’ love for language with the gift of magnetic poetry sets. These sets consist of word magnets that can be rearranged on a magnetic surface to create poems, stories, or even random word combinations. 

By giving magnetic poetry sets, you provide students with a fun and interactive tool to explore language, express their thoughts, and unleash their imagination.

9. Fun-shaped erasers

Add a playful twist to students’ school supplies with the gift of fun-shaped erasers. These quirky and colorful erasers serve a practical purpose and bring joy and entertainment to the classroom.

Fun-shaped erasers come in various designs, ranging from cute animals and food items to popular characters or objects.

10. Small puzzles or brain teasers

Challenge students’ minds and give them a mental workout by giving small puzzles or brain teasers. 

These compact and portable brainteasers entertain and promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and logical reasoning.

Small puzzles and brain teasers come in various forms, such as handheld puzzles, puzzle cubes, wooden or metal brain teasers, or even puzzle books with mind-boggling challenges.

11. Miniature notebooks or journals

Encourage students’ creativity and self-expression with the gift of miniature notebooks or journals. 

These compact and portable writing tools provide a space for students to jot down their thoughts, ideas, and reflections, allowing them to document their experiences and explore their inner world.

Miniature notebooks or journals offer a convenient and personalized way for students to express themselves.

12. DIY friendship bracelets kits

Foster creativity, friendship, and a sense of accomplishment with the gift of DIY friendship bracelets. 

These kits provide students with all the materials and instructions they need to create beautiful and personalized bracelets, allowing them to express their creativity while building meaningful connections with their friends.

13. Origami paper and instructions

Unleash students’ creativity and enhance their problem-solving skills with origami paper and instructions. 

Origami, the art of paper folding, offers a unique and engaging way for students to express their creativity while developing patience, spatial reasoning, and fine motor skills.

Origami paper and instructions are available in various colors, sizes, and patterns.

14. Decorated mugs or cups

Add a personal touch to students’ daily routines with the gift of decorated mugs or cups. These customized and visually appealing drinkware items serve a practical purpose and bring joy and individuality to students’ beverage experiences.

Decorated mugs or cups can be customized with various designs, patterns, or personalized messages.

15. Embroidered patches

Add a touch of personal style and individuality to students’ belongings with the gift of embroidered patches. 

These small, decorative fabric patches can be easily attached to clothing, backpacks, hats, or any other fabric item, allowing students to express their interests, passions, and personalities.

Embroidered patches come in various designs, colors, and shapes.

16. Mini photo frames

Capture and cherish precious memories with mini photo frames. These small, decorative frames provide students with a tangible way to display their favorite photographs, adding a personal touch to their living spaces and keeping their cherished moments close at hand.

Mini photo frames come in various styles, sizes, and materials, making them versatile and suitable for different preferences.

17. Scented candles

Create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for students with the gift of scented candles. These aromatic candles add a warm and inviting ambiance to their living spaces and offer therapeutic benefits that can enhance their well-being and create a calming environment.

Scented candles come in a wide variety of fragrances, allowing you to choose scents that are soothing, energizing, or reminiscent of comforting memories.

18. Paint-by-numbers kits

Unleash students’ inner artists and provide them with a creative outlet with the gift of paint-by-numbers kits. 

These kits offer a guided and structured approach to painting, allowing students to create beautiful artwork while developing their painting skills and nurturing their artistic expression.

Paint-by-numbers kits typically include a pre-printed canvas with numbered sections, corresponding numbered paint pots, and brushes.

19. Miniature board games

Foster fun and social interaction among students with the gift of miniature board games. These compact versions of popular board games offer a portable and convenient way for students to engage in strategic gameplay and enjoy quality time with friends.

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Miniature board games are smaller versions of traditional board games, designed to be easily carried and played on the go.

20. Customized USB flash drives

Provide students with a practical and personalized gift by giving them customized USB flash drives. 

These portable storage devices offer a convenient way for students to store and transport their important files, documents, and media while reflecting their unique style and personality.

Customized USB flash drives can be personalized in various ways. They can be engraved, printed, or adorned with logos, names, or designs that are meaningful to the student.

21. DIY slime kits

Spark creativity and sensory exploration in students with the gift of DIY slime kits. These kits provide all the necessary ingredients and tools for students to create their customized slime, offering a fun and hands-on experience that engages their imagination and promotes sensory play.

DIY slime kits typically include a variety of slime bases, colorants, glitters, and add-ins, along with mixing containers and stirring tools.

22. Personalized water bottles

Encourage students to stay hydrated and reduce single-use plastic waste with the gift of personalized water bottles. 

These customized hydration companions are practical tools for students to carry water throughout the day, reflect their style, and promote sustainability.

Personalized water bottles can be customized with names, initials, or designs that resonate with the students.

23. Glow-in-the-dark stars or stickers

Ignite the imagination and create a magical atmosphere in students’ bedrooms with the gift of glow-in-the-dark stars or stickers. 

These luminescent decorations add a touch of wonder and awe to the nighttime experience, providing a soothing and enchanting ambiance for students as they drift off to sleep.

24. Customized magnets

Add a touch of personalization to students’ spaces with the gift of customized magnets. These versatile and practical decorations can be personalized with names, photos, or designs, allowing students to display their individuality and create a unique environment.

Customized magnets come in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for different purposes.

25. Mini stress balls or fidget toys

Help students find a moment of relaxation and focus with the gift of mini stress balls or fidget toys. 

These small, handheld toys are designed to provide sensory stimulation and serve as stress relievers, offering students a tangible way to reduce anxiety and improve concentration.

26. Cozy socks or gloves

Keep students warm and comfortable during the colder months with the gift of cozy socks or gloves. 

These soft and snug accessories provide warmth and comfort to help students stay cozy and cozy throughout the day.

Cozy socks and gloves come in various styles, materials, and designs. They can be made of soft fleece, wool, or other warm fabrics that provide insulation and comfort.

27. Small music instruments

Foster creativity and musical expression by gifting small musical instruments to students. 

Instruments like harmonicas, recorders, or ukuleles offer students a chance to explore the world of music, develop their musical skills, and experience the joy of playing an instrument.

28. Washi tape sets

Ignite students’ creativity and add a touch of artistic flair to their projects with the gift of washi tape sets. 

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive in various colors, patterns, and designs. It offers students a versatile and fun medium to personalize and enhance their crafts, journals, and other creative endeavors.

29. Personalized keyholders

Help students keep their keys organized and add a personal touch to their living spaces with the gift of personalized key holders. 

These practical and stylish accessories provide a designated spot for keys while showcasing each student’s individuality.

Personalized key holders come in various designs and materials, allowing for customization and personalization.

30. Miniature indoor plants

Bring a touch of nature into students’ living spaces and promote a sense of tranquility and well-being with the gift of miniature indoor plants. 

These small plants are perfect for adding a pop of greenery to dorm rooms, desks, or study areas, creating a calming and refreshing atmosphere.

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Where Can Teachers Find Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Students

Teachers can find inexpensive holiday gifts for students at various places. Here are some suggestions:

Dollar stores

Visit local dollar stores or discount stores that offer a wide range of affordable gift options, including stationery, small toys, craft supplies, and seasonal decorations.

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Online marketplaces

Explore online platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, where sellers offer a variety of inexpensive gifts. Look for deals, discounts, or bulk packages to save even more.

Teacher supply stores

Check out teacher supply stores in your area. They often carry a selection of affordable gifts specifically designed for students.

Clearance sections

Keep an eye on clearance sections in stores or online. Many retailers offer discounts on holiday-themed items or end-of-season sales, providing an opportunity to find inexpensive gifts.

DIY options

Consider making your gifts. DIY projects can be cost-effective and allow for personalization. Create handmade bookmarks, bracelets, or customized items that reflect your students’ interests.

Local craft stores

Explore local craft stores for affordable crafting materials and DIY kits. They often have various options suitable for students, such as beads, paints, and other creative supplies.

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How Can Teachers Ensure That The Inexpensive Holiday Gifts They Choose Are Meaningful To Students?

Teachers can ensure that the inexpensive holiday gifts they choose are meaningful to students by considering the following tips:

Get to know your students

Take the time to understand your students’ interests, hobbies, and preferences. Pay attention to their conversations, artwork, or discussions to gather insights into what they enjoy.

Personalize the gifts

Add a personal touch by incorporating students’ names, favorite colors, or themes that resonate with their individuality. Personalization shows that you took the time and effort to make the gift special for them.

Consider their needs

Think about what would be beneficial to your students such as their educational journey and select gifts supporting their learning, organization, or well-being.

Reflect on classroom experiences

Reflect on memorable moments or activities in the classroom. Look for gifts that connect to those experiences and remind students of their growth, achievements, or shared memories.

Engage in conversations

Talk to your students and ask them about their interests, hobbies, or aspirations. Engage in conversations that help you understand their preferences better and guide you in selecting meaningful gifts.

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What Are The Importance Of Giving Inexpensive Holiday Gifts To Students From Teachers?

Giving inexpensive holiday gifts to students from teachers holds several important benefits:

Expressing appreciation

Inexpensive holiday gifts allow teachers to express gratitude and appreciation for their students’ efforts and contributions throughout the year. 

It acknowledges the students’ hard work and dedication, fostering a positive and supportive classroom environment.

Building positive teacher-student relationships

Gift-giving can strengthen the bond between teachers and students. It shows that teachers care about their students beyond academics and fosters a sense of connection and trust. 

This positive relationship can enhance classroom communication, collaboration, and student engagement.

Creating a sense of belonging

Inexpensive holiday gifts can create a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the classroom community. When students receive gifts, they feel acknowledged and valued in the group. This can boost their self-esteem, motivation, and overall well-being.

Enhancing student motivation

The act of giving gifts can be motivating for students. It serves as a form of recognition for their accomplishments, progress, or positive behaviors. When students feel appreciated, they are more likely to be motivated to continue their efforts and strive for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some budget-friendly DIY craft kits that teachers can give to students?

Budget-friendly DIY craft kits can include beads, strings, feathers, or colored paper for creating jewelry, dream catchers, or paper crafts. These kits encourage creativity and can be purchased at affordable prices.

Is stationery sets a good choice for inexpensive holiday gifts for students?

Yes, stationery sets are a popular and affordable choice for holiday gifts. These sets often include colorful pens, pencils, erasers, and sticky notes. They are useful for students’ daily activities and can be found reasonably priced.

How can mini whiteboards be a valuable and inexpensive gift for students?

Mini whiteboards are a cost-effective gift option for students to practice writing, solve math problems, or brainstorm ideas. They are portable and reusable, making them practical tools for learning and engagement.

Are e-books suitable and inexpensive holiday gifts for students?

Yes, e-books can be a great option for an inexpensive holiday gift. Many online platforms offer free or low-cost e-books in various genres. Teachers can recommend books based on students’ interests or provide access to educational e-books that support their learning.

Where can teachers find affordable and high-quality holiday gifts for students?

Teachers can find affordable and high-quality holiday gifts for students at local dollar stores, discount stores, or online marketplaces. They can also consider DIY options, as homemade gifts often have a personal touch and can be cost-effective.


Choosing inexpensive holiday gifts for students from teachers is a wonderful way to express appreciation, build relationships, and create a positive classroom atmosphere. 

These gifts, though budget-friendly, hold great meaning and significance for students. From personalized bookmarks and DIY craft kits to mini plants and customized water bottles, there are countless options to bring joy and show students that they are valued. 

Teachers can create lasting memories and strengthen the teacher-student bond by carefully selecting gifts that reflect students’ interests and needs. 


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