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In Your Memories Novel Summary.

I walk to get to the office. When I got to the right floor, I hurried to my table. “Kimberly Mae Villafuerte, you’re late again” Mam Chynthia raised her eyebrows while looking at me “I’m so sorry mam”

I scratched my head “You know, if you weren’t an efficient secretary, I would have fired you,” he said laughing My smile widened because of what he said. “Why are you so patient here at our company.

You have the most successful company hija” “Mam, I told you I want to stand and be successful on my own without using my parent’s nor my brother’s names” “That’s what I want from you.

You are really so sure of what you want in life” he patted my shoulder. “By the way, my son will be coming today. He’ll take over now the company. So, he will be your new boss. Be nice to him, okay?

And please bare with him when he’s rude but knowing you? I know I won’t fold you there” he said laughing. “No worries mam. I’ll handle him” I went to my table and arranged my new boss’s schedule.

I never met the son of Mam Cynthia because he said he stayed in the US for several years. I was busy fixing my table when I noticed that my ring was missing. Sh*t! It’s all gone, don’t do that! I hastily looked back at everything I went through.

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Kim, you are so careless! I started crying because I couldn’t find the ring. I was outside the building when something suddenly flashed. My eyes widened and I smiled when I saw that. I ran towards the ring but my smile disappeared when I saw someone step on it.

Oh ha! Don’t step on that, you’ll hit me! My eyebrows met as I looked at the man who stepped on my ring but I was stunned when I recognized the man in front of me now.

Suddenly, my chest started to tremble and my whole body went cold. I don’t understand what I want to do. I don’t know how to cry. The emotions I feel are mixed.

Until I found myself making my way towards the man standing. I felt my tears fall. I stood in front of him but he just stared at me. It rolled its eyes all over my face but it didn’t react.

I was not able to contain myself. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her very tightly. I quietly sobbed while hugging it. I stopped when he spoke. “Excuse me miss, do I know you?” I looked up at him. Its eyebrows meet. “It’s me Damon, Kim” I asked in surprise but he didn’t give me any reaction.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know you” he said coldly. “Damon” I turned to a beautiful woman walking towards Damon. When the woman got close, Damon hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek.

“I miss you, Kim” and he hugged the girl again. We agreed. I can not believe. It doesn’t seem to recognize me. Damon walked with my namesake girl away from me. I was left standing outside the building.

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My tears flowed. He’s okay. He’s fine. For 8 years, I waited for him to come back because he said he would come back to me but why did he act differently? It’s like he’s not the Damon I used to be.

I sighed and picked up my ring that Damon had given me before. I looked at it and kissed it. This is the only thing he left me. I went up to the office with a heavy heart. “Hey, Kim, the new boss is here,

Mam Cynthia has been looking for you for a while” I was brought back to reality because of what my co-worker said. I fixed myself and knocked on the office. I opened the door and it seemed like I wanted to close it again because Damon was there next to the girl with my name.

I tried to smile at the people inside. “Oh, here’s my most efficient secretary. Come here Kim” Mam Cynthia called me. “This is Damon and he will take over the company. So, starting now, he is your new boss” Mam Cynthia introduced me.

I swallowed and looked at Damon who just looked straight at me. There was no emotion in his face or eyes. “Good morning sir” I greeted here. “Good morning” he said sparingly and turned to the woman next to him.

I approached Mam Cynthia and whispered to her “Son, is he yours?” “Yes, hija. Why?” “No. I’ll stay outside. Just call me when you need something” I politely said goodbye to them. I threw myself on the swivel chair. I turned it around while looking at the ring on my hand.

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“I can’t be wrong. He’s my Damon. He’s the one. My heart beats like this only for him. I’m sure” I was able to sit when Mam Cynthia came out with the two. I gasped when they passed me. Damon didn’t spare me a glance. I felt irritation and pain in my heart.

I don’t understand what is happening. I jumped out of the chair when Damon suddenly appeared in front of me. I swallowed before speaking. “Yes sir?” I’m nervous to ask here “May I have my schedule for this week”

he asked formally I handed him his schedule and when I got it, he turned me away. But before entering he turned to me. “Another thing, do you have other names aside from Kim?” it asked “Why sir?” “My girlfriend’s name is Kim.

I don’t want another Kim, so do you have any other name?” this is a serious question. I stopped and bowed. Girlfriend? The girl was his girlfriend earlier.

In Your Memories Novel by prince15
In Your Memories Novel by prince15

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