In Love With A Lycan Alpha Novel by Sunshine39

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In Love With A Lycan Alpha Novel Summary.

“Supreme Alpha, you need to take control of yourself”, Lucas couldn’t address Devon without his proper title when his wolf is out.

That was because he was in a lower rank than Devon. Devon ignored his words and came out the back door, before Lucas could protest he was gone. “Devon! Devon!” Lucas yelled after Devon trying to stop him, but it was to no avail.

“What is happening?” Lucas muttered to himself. He unbuckled his seat belt quickly and ran after Devon as fast as he could when he saw how fast Devon was moving. Lucas was finding it hard to keep up with Devon’s pace.”Alpha supreme Devon!” He shouted,

trying to get through to Devon who was going super fast. Devon didn’t heed his voice as his eyes were fixed on where he was heading to. He took a right turn into an alley and leapt, confusing Lucas who was already finding it hard to keep up.

Lucas knew how ferocious and dangerous their wolf was when it came out. They only let their wolf out when they needed to protect something or be violent. Lucas’s phone vibrated in his pocket distracting him a little,

he missed it when Devon took a right turn at another alley, “Shit!” Lucas cursed out loud when he could no longer see Devon in sight. He had no idea why Devon was that way, where was he headed?

He wondered. The last time Devon’s wolf went out of control there was bloodshed in the pack, he hoped the case was different this time. After searching around for a while Lucas finally found Devon at an intersection. He was standing there staring at a house, close by.

Lucas was glad they were in the middle of the night, if it was day it would have caused problems for them. Humans were never to know of the supernatural world, it was a rule they had been keeping for centuries. “Alpha supreme” Lucas called him softly, after letting out a deep breath.

“Where are you headed, you have to tell me so I can help you” Lucas tried to persuade him, but Devon stood unmoving without uttering a word. Devon let out a deep growl ready to move again, and Lucas was ready to follow him.

“Devon wait! Where are we headed?” Lucas asked again but wasn’t expecting to get an answer from Devon. “To see my mate” Devon the Supreme Alpha of all the werewolves and Lycanthropes in the human, have been rumoured to be cursed by the moon goddess as he has lived for many centuries without finding his mate.

Everything changes when finds Alice his mate, A human, who some people believes to be crazy. Together her and Devon unravels chilling secrets about their past and enjoy the new found feeling called ‘Love’.

In Love With A Lycan Alpha Novel by Sunshine39
In Love With A Lycan Alpha Novel by Sunshine39

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