I’m The Unwanted Wife Novel by king17

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I’m The Unwanted Wife Novel Summary.

The big door in front of me opened and from where I was standing I could see the man I love looking at me without emotion. I smiled even though my chest was tight.

Little by little I heard a song as I slowly walked closer to the man waiting at the altar. Kiel looked at me seriously. There was no trace of satisfaction on his face.

There was no sign of joy on his face, which made my heart ache. I extended my hand here but he just looked at it and went before the priest. My hand was left in the air. Bowed and slightly embarrassed.

I followed in front of the priest. It started to mass. “You may now kiss the bride” I faced Kiel. It looked at me with disgust. I closed my eyes thinking he was going to kiss me on the lips but he kissed me on the cheek.

“you got me being Mrs. Valerian, I’ll make sure you don’t get my love.” He whispered. I closed my eyes when I felt physical pain in my heart. “Remember that Sam? You can’t have my love cause I love someone else.” he added as the crowd applauded.

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I shed a single tear. “it’s nice to watch your tears. It’s nice to watch you cry.” He walked away from me after saying that and was the first to leave the church.

I wiped my tears and smiled to face the people who were happy for us. My chest aches behind my smiles. I still got over the stabbing but I didn’t show it.

“Where is your husband going?” asked an old man innocently. I smiled here and didn’t say a word. “Maybe I’m just excited,” said one teasingly. I laughed even though my heart felt like it was being squeezed.

It hurts! I am Samantha Alexandria Perez or should I say Samantha Alexandria Perez Valerian and I am his The Unwanted Wife.

I'm The Unwanted Wife Novel by king17
I’m The Unwanted Wife Novel by king17

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