I’m a Young Master, So What? Novel

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I’m a Young Master, So What? Novel Summary

“My Fate, My Hands, The Heavenly Dao will not squeeze me down a pathetic path to my doom.”

LONG WEI, the young master/crown prince of the Imperial Haven Empire, ruled by his father the Patriarch of the Long Clan, must make a path to the top of the world, filled with blood and corpses when the Heavenly Dao starts actively fighting against him. Seemingly making a mockery of the Supreme talents it gave him. Namely., his Void Dragon-Phoenix God bloodline, Eternal Void Meridians, Transcendent Dao Physique and a pair of Heaven Shrouding Eyes. Having anyone of those talents allows one to suppress an entire Era, possibly a whole Chaos Cycle. He has four.

Ants he squashes are rising from the rags and gaining inconceivable artefacts and abilities that rival his supreme talents.Enemies from the future wrought his path, trying to put an end to him by intercepting his plans by putting an end to him before he rises. System Wielders who want nothing more than to milk his talents by offending him. And among others, Transmigrators have made it their mission to put an end to him. Even then he still has to deal with his own set of enemies and old monsters that want nothing more than to extract his talents in order to push themselves to the next cultivation realm.

Long Wei needs to dig deep within himself, for the journey to godhood is fraught with dangers, blood-pumping battles, schemes, and mysteries that run back to the first Chaos Era, the spark that gave birth to the Myriad Realms. His success is dependant on himself alone for the Heavens have Forsaken Him.

I'm a Young Master, So What? Novel
I’m a Young Master, So What? Novel

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