I Have A Special Cultivation Talent by Silent Sausage

Okay, I have to admit that I think it’s going to be really dull. I enjoy reading cultivation books, and I don’t mind a nice balance of depictions of training and combat. Nonetheless, this book spends 80–90% of its time talking about training and how his study and cultivation methods are set up. You would assume that having a golden finger that permits him to see through defects would speed up his cultivation of learning. The narrative, however, goes in the opposite direction, with him concentrating on creating the best cultivation and most challenging development path conceivable because he is able to see through defects.

I must admit that it was difficult for me to stay awake while reading this book, and I desperately wanted to go on. As of chapter 183, he is essentially being challenged for the first time while constantly engaged in combat. Before this, all of the fighting scenes essentially consisted of him waving his hand, with the author noting that his cultivation was so amazing that all he needed to do was wave his hand to defeat opponents both at and above his level. This is to say, if you’re going to make him so strong, maybe at least put him to the test.

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The main character is quite detached, and all that matters to him are getting stronger purely for the purpose of getting stronger. He doesn’t have many close friends, and since the narrative is so centered on training, it would have been good to see better interpersonal growth. With his older sister, he has this incredibly strange relationship where he trains them to go from being apathetic to falling madly in love and offering fate as an explanation. It’s as though this uncaring man has suddenly fallen head over heels in love. Nonetheless, the author hardly discusses its growth before returning to cultivation.

I Have A Special Cultivation Talent by Silent Sausage
I Have A Special Cultivation Talent by Silent Sausage

This book is an excellent choice for you if you really enjoy developing your skills. I’m going to award this book three stars. The book covers cultivation knowledge in great detail and is effectively written. Simply put, I need a better balance of training and combat otherwise the book would get monotonous.

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Read I Have A Special Cultivation Talent by Silent Sausage

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