I Can’t Marry This Bastard Novel by KC Sylvester

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I Can’t Marry This Bastard Novel Summary.

A decade has past since Evangel set her eyes on the man she hated with her whole heart. Her ex boyfriend Trenton Wade.

A handsome playboy who broke her heart several years ago. She never expected to see him again and was shocked to find him at her father’s birthday as handsome as ever with that devilish smirk on his face pleading for her to smack it off.

Worse of it all she never expected to find out that her father has arranged a marriage between her and the bastard. Never.

Hell will freeze before Evangel agrees to marry the bastard and she will do everything in her power to make sure it doesn’t happen. Trenton Wade has had everything handed over to him.

The word responsibility has never been used in the same sentence with his name. All he had ever cared about was women and having fun. He was the resident playboy.

A reckless mistake on his path is about to drown his father’s company and he must find a way to save it or risk losing everything to his half brother.

What better way could he find than running towards their company rival for help, only the help comes with a price. He must marry his daughter.

A daughter that turns out to be the woman he hurt years ago and hates his guts Will Trent be able to convince Evangel to marry him and what happens when two others comes into the midst. A drama filled with a lot of twist is what you get.

I Can't Marry This Bastard Novel by KC Sylvester
I Can’t Marry This Bastard Novel by KC Sylvester

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