I Can Claim Daily Rewards Novel

I Can Claim Daily Rewards is a novel by Malignant that explores the possibilities of a magical app that allows the protagonist to earn money. 

Summary of I Can Claim Daily Rewards

The story revolves around Arlan, a man who was unjustly fired from his job with very little money to survive. While browsing job opportunities online, he accidentally downloads a shady app that promises daily rewards.

When Arlan presses the “Yes” button, he is suddenly rewarded with 100,000 units of currency. With this newfound wealth, he starts to live the life of a rich man.

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I Can Claim Daily Rewards
I Can Claim Daily Rewards

As he continues to claim his rewards, Arlan discovers that the app is much more than a simple tool for gaining wealth. It has the power to manipulate reality and bend it to the will of the user. With this realization, Arlan sets out to explore the full potential of the app and use it to become the most powerful man in the world.

However, the road to success is never easy, and Arlan must face many challenges along the way. In the end, Arlan must decide whether the rewards of the app are worth the cost.

This is a thrilling tale of magic and ambition, exploring the possibilities of technology and the consequences of unbridled desire. If you’re a fan of magical realism and stories about power and ambition, this book is definitely worth a read.

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