I Am Jack Napoleon Novel by FX777

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, I Am Jack Napoleon by FX777.

I Am Jack Napoleon Novel Summary.

Jack Napoleon wanted to discover and explore his feelings… Jack Napoleon wanted freedom…He wanted good life…He wanted life as a normal guy, but, his parents won’t allow it.

His parents brought him a little brother to care for, and love unconditionally. Discover that his untiring love for his brother evolved in a different direction.

He wanted to teach him the family tradition and respect for their parents. But, eventually, Jack Napoleon was playing the game, he didn’t want to reveal.

Life for them has brought them to discover things in their own ways. Family matters are very crucial for them to follow, but, in reality, they wanted the voice of their hearts.

I Am Jack Napoleon Novel by FX777
I Am Jack Napoleon Novel by FX777

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