Hybrid Aria V Novel by Jessica Hall

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Hybrid Aria V Novel Summary.

My two Alphas These bloody meetings were boring, but Ryker insisted we sit through the Alpha meet every year.

We still had a year before we took over Black Moon Pack so I thought it rather pointless when we didn’t actually get a say in anything yet.

They weren’t so bad though, my entire family was here seeing as we all come from Alpha bloodlines. My aunty Lily was here with her husband Damian from the Crescent Pack,

my older sister Lana and her two mates Tate and Drake from the forest Pack were here and of course my other sister Arial and Chase from Red River Pack were also present with my mother.

Along with Black Creek Pack Alpha Jamie and his Luna and two other packs, who I couldn’t for the life of me remember who the hell they are or from where.

Kind of pointless when the majority of the packs were run by family, not like the other three packs could argue, noone wants to piss off Hybrid wolf packs and they sure as hell didn’t want to piss off my brother Ryker the Alpha king.

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A title handed down from my mother, The former Alpha Queen. Ace nudges me with his foot under the table trying to get my attention. Looking over at him he nods toward the Luna of Black Creek Pack.

Hybrid Aria V Novel by Jessica Hall
Hybrid Aria V Novel by Jessica Hall

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