Hybrid Aria III Novel by Jessica Hall

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Hybrid Aria III Novel Summary.

Fight between Alphas Today was our sixteenth birthday and of all the days my brother Alpha Ryker had to call an Alpha meeting on his twin sister’s birthday.

To say we were pissed off was an understatement. Arial and I watched from the upstairs window as Alpha’s from all over filed out of their cars before being greeted by our father and Ryker.

My twin sister Arial hated the meetings just as much as me. It was one thing being twins, it was another being Lycan hybrid twins, and we always found that we copped the most stares.

Once we came of age and didn’t get our wolves or shift, we knew we differed from our brother. Our mother was a direct descendant of the Moon Goddess, therefore, so are we.

Our brother inherited most of our father’s traits, he shifted when he was twelve and was what we call an early bloomer, but he didn’t share my mother’s Hybrid gene.

Yes, he was a direct descendant like us, but for some reason he only received certain traits while my sister and I were exactly like our mother.

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We had no wolves and were half vampire and half Lycan. We were both saddened when we didn’t get our wolves.

Ryker always spoke of how much he loved his wolf growing up. But we still had each other. Being twins means you always have another half, a best friend for life, and my sister and I were incredibly close.

So close, my mother sometimes had trouble telling us apart, the only giveaway being that our scents were different slightly.

Hybrid Aria III Novel by Jessica Hall
Hybrid Aria III Novel by Jessica Hall

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