Hybrid Aria II Novel by Jessica Hall

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Hybrid Aria II Novel Summary.

Nearly 12 years later I watched as my sister chased after the kids, she was an excellent mother, a little overbearing at times and always so watchful of everything they did including me.

I couldn’t get anything past her. When she had her firstborn, a little boy, they named him Ryker. I could tell her life was moving on for the better, when the twins came along,

Arial and Lana when I was ten, I decided to move back in with my father. Aria had enough on her plate with running the pack and looking after the kids.

I often felt guilty about her being forced to raise me but at the same time I’m glad she did. I knew I never would have made it to adulthood without her.

My father and I have now built a bond, the way it should have been in the beginning, although I also class Reid as my father giving me two.

When the twins were born, I felt a little out of place. Life moved on, yet I stayed the same, only growing older. My life has been thrown into chaos since,

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my wolf and I never had a chance to bond. Having been forced to shift so young. For years Aria, my father and Reid tried to help me learn how to control her, but nothing we did worked and eventually we gave up trying.

When she had control it was hard taking it back from her. My wolf was completely altered, and I don’t think I will ever be able to let her out willingly, she can’t be trusted.

Hybrid Aria II Novel by Jessica Hall
Hybrid Aria II Novel by Jessica Hall

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