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Hull Marshall Scholarship for Masters Students – Learn How to Apply

Marshall Scholarships are among the most prominent types of funding for American Masters students in the UK, giving financial support for up to two years (with the possibility of a third-year extension in some situations).


The Hull Marshall Scholarship, provided by the University of Hull, supports Master’s degrees in various fields, offering up to two years of financial assistance. Benefits include tuition fees, a monthly personal allowance, travel expenses, book grants, research support, and a daily travel allowance valued at approximately £38,000 per year.

These scholarships, which are available for postgraduate study in any discipline at any British university, are highly competitive.

This page will describe the application process, eligibility selection criteria and documents, and the perks granted by Marshall Scholarships.

What is the Marshall Scholarship?

The Marshall Scholarship was founded by the British government in 1953. General George C. Marshall gave his name to the Marshall Plan, which provided economic aid from the United States to Europe in the aftermath of World War II.

Over 2,000 American students received Marshall Scholarships to attend University in the United Kingdom in the decades afterward.

Two US Supreme Court Justices are among them, as are 14 MacArthur Genius Grant recipients, six Pulitzer Prize winners, and one Nobel Prize winner – an amazing group that underlines the distinguished nature of the Marshall program.

About the University of Hull

The University of Hull is one of the UK’s oldest tertiary institutions. It has a rich teaching history, innovative research, and commitment to the information economy, founded in 1927.

The University is dedicated to social justice and sustainability, taking its position in the economic, social, and cultural life of its city, region, nation, and worldwide relationship seriously.

The University has always welcomed students and faculty from all around the world. Its education and research reflect global knowledge and experience, and the value of international connectivity and collaboration pervades the institution and its activities.

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The University’s Wilberforce Institute undertakes historical slavery studies and is a global authority on contemporary slavery. Kingston upon Hull, the city’s official name, is a City of Sanctuary.

Hull is located on a significant estuary and has a long history of international trade. The University’s Energy and Environment Institute uses its location as a focal point for cutting-edge research on estuary management, flood risk, and green energy. 

The University’s practice and research in logistics and supply chain management are well-known globally, and they benefit from being in a port city. Industry practice and international commerce are the subjects of research, consulting, and postgraduate education.

What You Need To Know About Hull Marshall Scholarship

Here are the complete details of the Hull Marshall Scholarship for Masters Students.

Level/Field of Study

Hull Marshall Scholarships are available for Master’s degrees in the University’s subject areas.

Host Nationality

The Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission oversees the premier UK-US scholarship program. The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office provides most funding for Marshall Scholarships, managed by the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities provides the Secretariat. In the US, the regional consulates general in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco are in charge of the selection process, while the British Embassy in Washington, DC, is in charge. 

Eligible Nationality

This scholarship is open to students from all nationalities all over the world. If you are eligible, do not hesitate to apply.

Scholarship Benefits

There are now up to 50 Marshall Scholarships available each year, with successful applicants receiving the following financial benefits:

  • Tuition fees payment
  • Personal allowance – £1,116 per month ($1,465) or £1,369 for London universities ($1,800)
  • Travel to and from the UK
  • Grants towards books, as well as your thesis and research expenses
  • Daily travel allowance

A Marshall Scholarship is worth around £38,000 per year ($499,945).

Marshall Scholarships are accessible at all UK universities, although students are encouraged to apply for programs at Marshall Partner Universities, which have close ties to the scholarship program.

The Hull Marshall Scholarship Eligibility

Candidates who wish to be considered for a 2023 Marshall Scholarship must:

  • Have obtained their first undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year college or University in the United States by the time they take up their scholarship, which is September 2023; 
  • Be citizens of the United States of America (at the time they apply for a scholarship); 
  • Have obtained a grade point average of not less than 3.7 on their undergraduate degree at the time of application. We don’t accept GPAs that are rounded.
  • After April 2020, they earned their first undergraduate degree from a college or institution.
  • Not having completed GCSE or Level exams at a British school or holding a degree or degree-equivalent qualification from one.
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Required Documents for the Hull Marshall Scholarship

You must include the following brief essays with your application:

  • Personal statement
  • Statement about your proposed study plans
  • Statement about your post-scholarship plans
  • Leadership statement
  • Ambassador potential statement

Please note that the Marshall Commission modifies the necessary essay word counts yearly.

In addition, you must submit the following paperwork:

  • Academic transcripts
  • CV
  • Three letters of recommendation (one primary academic, one general academic, and one that focuses on your leadership skills)

How to Apply For The Hull Marshall Scholarship

The Marshall Scholarships webpage has details on the application and selection procedures.

In the US, the regional consulates general in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco are in charge of the selection process, while the British Embassy in Washington, DC, is in charge.

Selection Criteria

As we’ve already indicated, applying for a Marshall Scholarship might be challenging due to its high prestige. Having stated that screening panels are looking for three equally weighted criteria. Your chances of success will increase if your essays address these essential elements.

Academic achievement is the first of these. A minimum GPA of 3.7 is required, but you should also demonstrate extracurricular performance through accolades, including awards, publications, and scholarships.

It’s crucial to include a well-organized study plan that demonstrates how your intended Master’ (or Ph.D.) program will help you reach your academic and professional objectives.

You’ll then need to demonstrate your leadership capacity. Demonstrating your ability to influence people and your track record of producing successful outcomes is important.

Demonstrating self-awareness, courage, perseverance, and dedication in your academic and extracurricular endeavors is crucial. Finally, through your leadership abilities, you should demonstrate that you have considerable potential to contribute to society.

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Last but not least, because of the nature of the Marshall Scholarship, applicants with the potential to serve as ambassadors are in high demand. After all, this financial plan was developed to deepen the ties between the United States and the United Kingdom after the Second World War.

Evidence of extracurricular activities that can be used in the UK to further those contacts is required, as is a demonstrable understanding of US/UK relations. Other important components of this criteria include interpersonal abilities, self-assurance, and the capacity to engage those around you.

Application Deadline 

The scholarship runs from June to September 2023. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

Partner Universities

Any British university is eligible for a Marshall Scholarship. However, applications from students who want to attend institutions besides Oxford, Cambridge, and London are especially encouraged. The Marshall Partnership Universities strongly encouraged candidates to think about it.

Click here for universities that the Commission collaborates with Partner Universities.


How challenging is applying for a Marshall Scholarship?

The application needs a minimum GPA of 3.7 since the Marshall selection committees greatly focus on academic achievement and potential. Over half of applicants had impeccable academic records, while successful candidates often have substantially higher GPAs.

A Marshall Scholarship lasts for how long?

Up to 50 scholarships may be offered each year. The Two Year Marshall Scholarship is valid for two academic years (i.e., 22 months), but the Commission may extend it, but not past the conclusion of a third academic year.


The Marshall Scholarship is a prestigious funding opportunity for American Masters students in the UK, founded in 1953 to strengthen US-UK ties after World War II.

The Hull Marshall Scholarship, offered by the University of Hull, covers Master’s degrees in various fields and provides financial support for up to two years, with a third-year extension possibility.

Benefits include tuition fees, a monthly personal allowance, travel expenses, book grants, and more, amounting to approximately £38,000 per year.

Eligible candidates must have a GPA of at least 3.7, complete their undergraduate degree in the US, and not have British exam qualifications.

The application deadline is between June and September. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK with substantial financial backing. Apply now and take your academic journey to new heights.


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