How to Renew a Student Visa: Requirements, Cost, Eligibility, & Process

In this blog post, you will find every detail on how to renew a student visa, including the requirements, cost, and processes.

If going to school abroad has always been your dream, you should consider studying in Poland. To study in Poland, though, you’ll need a current student visa. 

All applicants and students who are citizens of an EU member state require a legitimate ID and travel documentation. 

Visas, you know, do expire for various reasons. Probably the duration of time you were given is up, or another type of reason too.

Most people find it challenging at some point to renew their student visa in Poland simply because they are ignorant of what to do and what not to do; If you are curious about how to renew your Poland student visa, then you are fortunate that you are reading the right article because this article responds to all such inquiries regarding the student visa for Poland and the renewal of it.

The visa should cover the entire duration of your stay. In Poland, visa extensions are not possible. You must apply for a temporary residence permit if your visa expires before the end of your stay in Poland.

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7 Reasons to Study Abroad in Poland 

Polish universities have a lot to offer foreign students. Poland is the ideal location for those living on a student budget because it has top-notch universities, fantastic career opportunities, and a significantly lower cost of living than many other European countries. 

Bustling cities like Krakow and Warsaw are teeming with bohemian international bars and cafes, making for the ideal environment to support your academic endeavors. 

The world had been changed forever by some great thinkers from Poland, such as the composer Frederic Chopin and the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

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1. Cost of living 

In the HSBC Expat League Table of Best Places to Live and Work, Poland recently rose from 25th to 13th, surpassing Hong Kong, France, Sweden, and even the United States. 

The league table ranks nations according to several indicators, such as education, employment prospects, safety, and a factor that prospective students are always interested in: the cost of living.

So, now for the excellent news! Students in Poland can live comfortably on a budget of $462 to $900 per month, depending on where they attend school. And that includes all costs, from the most fundamental (such as lodging, food, and travel) to a few more opulent (such as gym dues and movie tickets). You can buy a cup of coffee for as little as €1.10 and a beer for as little as €0.90 in Poland, giving you an idea of what a student might spend daily. Most museums and art galleries offer free admission. Numerous clubs and bars in major cities like Krakow and Warsaw also let students enter for free.

2. The education sector is bigger and better than ever

Within the last ten years, the higher education sector in Poland has seen tremendous growth. According to Education Poland, colleges and universities have increased by 500%, and enrollment has quadrupled. 

At the beginning of each academic year, Poland attracts about 57,000 international students, which is expected to increase year over year for the foreseeable future due to its membership in the EU and proximity to several powerful European nations.

Warsaw University has demonstrated Polish success in the international education market in recent years. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is outperformed by it as it currently holds the top spot on the Top Coder IT International rankings table (MIT.)

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3. Poland values young innovators

Poland is a great place to pursue a fantastic career or launch a tech start-up, and it is also a great place to study. 

Warsaw is the permanent home of Poland’s annual Innovation Week and houses numerous technology parks to support emerging businesses. 

This global trade show draws companies and businesspeople from all over the world, making it an excellent venue for showcasing your ideas, creating a network, and learning more about your sector. 

Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to network with potential investors who could help you grow your company.

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4. A place to explore

Poland is home to a wide variety of ecosystems and animal life. So there are many exciting places to explore when you need a break from the books. 

More than 800 kilometers of the nation’s coastline are made up of several mountain ranges, including the Tatras and the Carpathian Mountains along the southern border, as well as well-known beach resorts like Sopot, which may surprise some. 

The Pustynia Bledowska Desert, the sole desert in central Europe, is also located in Poland. At Biebrzanski National Park, you can also explore the wetlands, which are home to numerous bird species, beavers, elk, and other animals. You could also visit several islands in Wolin National Park.

5. A range of study options and opportunities

According to Euro Medicity, Poland has more than 400 universities and a student population of about 1.5 million. Students have a wide range of options, from creative majors like design and illustration to coding and AI. 

Polish colleges and universities range from cutting-edge campuses with fully functional labs and supercomputers to polytechnics and colleges ideal for students with a stronger artistic bent. 

Since many Polish business schools are internationally recognized, you can work for prestigious multinational corporations once you graduate.

Additionally, there are countless prestigious scholarship programs for academics in the humanities. At the same time, STEM and medical students can compete in events organized by some of the most cutting-edge companies in the world, like NASA. 

Students from Poznan University won the NASA Space Apps Challenge in February of this year after developing an AI program that forecasts when algae blooms will occur on Earth.

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6. A great place for female scientists

Poland has 611,700 female scientists or just under 50% of the nation’s scientific workforce. 

Poland is now ranked among the top nations in Europe for gender equality in scientific research and development.

Unsurprisingly, Polish women are tackling our time’s most critical scientific challenge and producing incredible work. 

Physics professor and entrepreneur Olga Malinkiewicz created a practical method for making ultra-thin solar cells. 

Katarzyna Grzelak made eight new species of kinorhyncha, a tiny invertebrate that lives in mud and sand on the seafloor, known in the natural sciences. 

Grzelak gave the new species some of her favorite names from the Game of Thrones novels by R.R. Martin.

7. Advanced Quality Of Education

Poland, one of Europe’s most sought-after study destinations, is home to more than 450 higher education institutions. 

One of the main benefits of studying in Poland is that the country’s renowned educational system adheres to the Bologna process’ standards, making the degrees attained internationally recognized. 

Polish academic institutions emphasize the importance of gaining practical knowledge, creative skills, and exposure over theoretical knowledge, offering a vast array of short-term and full-time programs.

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What Are The Best Places To Study Abroad In Poland?

If you’ve decided to pursue your studies in Poland, you should know that the nation is divided into numerous cities. So, where should you go to school in Poland? Each city within a nation has its unique lifestyle, cost of living, etc. 

Here, you must choose the city that is ideal for you. You must first be familiar with every Polish city to do that. You will be able to make an informed choice based on your knowledge. 

The best cities in Poland for students are listed in this article. Read up on these cities’ rankings, benefits, and drawbacks to help you choose which one you want to call home while studying abroad.

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Examples of the Best cities you can consider;

  • Warsaw
  • Cracow
  • Lodz
  • Wroclaw 
  • Poznan 

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What are the Requirements to Study Abroad in Poland?

There are requirements you must meet to study in Poland. But resist giving up! They resemble people in your own country in many ways. The requirements are outlined in this article for your convenience.

  • A filled-in visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • Official letter of acceptance to a school in Poland
  • A short CV
  • Your school certificates and diplomas
  • Evidence of proficiency in the language in which you wish to study
  • Confirmation of having funds for studying and living in Poland
  • Health insurance
  • Passport photograph
  • Health insurance 
  • Residence permits

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Do I Need A Visa To Study Abroad In Poland?

To study in Poland as an international student, you must have a student visa unless you are a citizen of an EU nation.

To study in Poland, you only need to register your residency with the Voivodeship (Provincial) Office if you are from an EU member state and have a valid ID and travel documents.

The D-type visa, which allows you to stay and study in Poland for one year, is required for all other international students. Before your visa expires, you must apply for a temporary residence permit to stay longer.

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Do You Have To Speak Polish To Study Abroad in Poland?

Polish proficiency is not a requirement to start your studies in Poland. 

English, French, or German language proficiency is sufficient. You must submit documentation at the time of application for each course that attests to your proficiency in a foreign language at a level necessary to participate in the classes.

Some universities don’t require certificates in foreign languages because they administer a language test before the start of the academic year. 

You can find out from the course description if the school you want to apply to requires a test of this nature for a course at a particular level of proficiency.

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How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad In Poland?

Foreign students must pay tuition in Poland, but these costs are very reasonable compared to those at other well-liked study-abroad locations in Europe. 

For an international student, the total cost of a bachelor’s degree can be as high as 7,000–8,000 USD, and that of a master’s degree as high as 9,000 USD.

For the first and second years of the long cycles, the annual cost is $2230

3350 USD per year for doctoral and postdoctoral programs, including post-graduate medical and scientific, post-doctoral, and artistic internships.

3350 USD per year for apprenticeship and career training

Polish language course preparation costs each year are USD 2230.

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What Are Scholarships To Study Abroad In Poland?

Suppose you’ve been wondering how to get a Poland scholarship. In that case, this page lists all of the open scholarships in Poland for international students and other students from developing countries for the academic year 2022–2023. For Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., and Fellowship programs.

For example, some of these scholarships are fully funded, while others are partially funded for postgraduate and undergraduate students. 

Most of these scholarships are primarily supported by the Polish government and private institutions.

  1. Polish Government 2023 Scholarships for International Students

The Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange administers the Polish Government Scholarship on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education following bilateral agreements. 

The scholarship recipient is not required to pay any tuition. A finite and selective number of scholarships are awarded each year.

3. UNESCO/Poland 2022 Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme in Engineering 

The program, launched in 2012, aims to support capacity-building and research initiatives in the fields of science and engineering in UNESCO’s member states. 

Beneficiaries of these fellowships can conduct their independent scientific research.

4. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships

It is intended to assist those who would not otherwise be able to afford to study abroad. The program aims to develop a more diverse pool of individuals for the rapidly expanding global market. 

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To be eligible, you must receive a Pell Grant and be enrolled in an exciting course of study. These awards, worth up to $5,000, are given yearly for study abroad in more than 2,300 far-flung places, including Poland.

5. David L. Boren Scholarships

They are well-known and competitive in the same way. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. 

You could receive up to $20,000 in travel funds for a summer, semester, or year program if you have stellar grades and a love of language and cultural studies. 

Graduate students can receive up to $24,000 in Boren Fellowships, plus an additional $6,000 that can be used to study a domestic language. 

The recipients of these awards are required to resume service in a national security agency. The NSEP Service Requirement has a one-year time limit or the length of program assistance, whichever is greater. 

Longer study terms and candidates with a career interest in security are given preference.

6. Erasmus Mundus

The European Commission awards scholarships to promote higher education through fellowships and international collaboration. 

Scholarships are available through this program to international students pursuing higher education at all levels. 

As well as scholarships to encourage student mobility between European and non-European universities, awards are available to pursue an Erasmus Mundus master’s program or a joint doctoral degree at two or more European universities.

7. Rotary International

offers District funding for studies in any field, at any level, for any period, or in any location. Please send your funding request to your district to apply for a district grant. 

Along with scholarships for graduate-level academic studies related to one or more of the focus areas, global grants offer funding for nursing and midwifery study abroad.

8. Scholarships within bilateral agreements

by the Polish government or a foreign partner-funded entity. The type of study will determine the scholarship amount. Asking local authorities if they have a scholarship program that includes studies in Poland is also a good idea. 

It is worthwhile to inquire about scholarships with the local government. The Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange can provide you with additional information (BUWiWM)

What Are The Best Programs To Study Abroad In Poland?

Best Degree Programs in Poland: Well, to be sincere, there is no doubt that some of the best courses are offered at Polish universities. 

Here are a few resources you can use to learn more about the courses you should enroll in Poland.

  • fashion designing
  • Engineering 
  • Management 
  • Environmental science 
  • Art in Poland 

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How To Pack For Study Abroad In Poland?

With the new semester approaching, students all over Poland are getting ready to start their new academic year. 

But what about exchange students participating in the Erasmus + program and international students who are confused about what to pack and what not to pack? 

They need to do more planning, so let us assist you in getting ready for an unforgettable time in Poland as a student.

Start with these few major things if you want to start packing:

  • Clothes 
  • Toiletries
  • Cash
  • School supplies or books
  • Electronics
  • Snacks
  • Your doctor’s Prescriptions
  • Important Documents such as your passport, student visa, etc
  • Hand luggage(purse or wallet,sunglasses)
  • Hand sanitizer, bandages 

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Steps To Prepare You For Study Abroad In Poland 

As you can see, studying abroad offers unique experiences and new opportunities, but it also means living away from home and friends in strange surroundings. 

To adapt, some time will be needed. Here are some suggestions to speed up and simplify this procedure:

1)Keep your chin up

2)Take everything from your university

3)Dive into the Polish culture and language

4)Travel in Poland

5)Look for the internship opportunities

6)keep a budget /Mind your money

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Do I Need a Visa to Study in Poland from the UK?

You need Visa to study in Poland from the UK

Does Poland have good Universities?

Yes, they do, like the University of Warsaw.

What is Poland known for?

The country is known for being home to delicious pierogi, former pope John Paul II, and Europe’s most ancient old-growth forest. 


So you can see that the cost of living is somewhat lower in the country, and education is also noticeably affordable in almost all educational institutions.

Poland is becoming increasingly popular among international students because, compared to other European nations, it is safe and hospitable in terms of both culture and visa regulations.

Because studying in Poland is convenient and highly recommended for international students, it is a fantastic option if you want to pursue your academic interests abroad.


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