How Old is Tubbo: 5 Hidden Facts about Tubbo

Tubbo is a popular YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers where he posts his exploits on Minecraft games. He is active on Twitch, Instagram and Discord and he enjoys interacting with his fans.

He started streaming his games without his face but recently he reveals his face through his webcam.

Tubbo is also a renowned musician that can play multiple instruments and is good on the piano and the ukulele. Below is a recent song of his.

How tall is Tubbo?

Tubbo is 5 ft 6inches tall, looks slim and has a beautiful smile that compliments his charming face.

His best friend is Tommynit (another YouTuber), they usually feature in each other videos. He’s also friends with Ranboo, they got good chemistry. He is a year older than Ranboo.

About Tubbo Networth, there is no official valuation of Tubbo, but I believe he should be worth millions.

How Old is Tubbo? Tubbo’s Age and Family

Tobbo is 19 years old. His birthday was on December 23 2003.

Tubbo, whose real name is Tobias Smith was born into a British family and has mixed ethnicity, the only son of his family. He is born into a family of 2 sisters (Lani and Taegan) and is the eldest of them. Lani just like her elder brother is a streamer and she uses Tubbo’s servers on dream SMP for her videos. Although his parent’s profiles are not in the public, he seems quite close to his mom as he posts pictures of him and his mother regularly.

What is Tubbo’s real name, Birthday and more (Quick Facts)

Tubbo real name:Tobias Smith
Birthday:December 23, 2003
Age:19 years old
Height:5 Feet 6 Inches
Profession:Twitch Star, YouTube personality

5 Hidden Facts about Tubbo

1. Tubbo used to be an international Trampionist

Tubbo is good at the trampoline. Although he doesn’t seem to be active lately due to his streaming I believe. He even stated it when he said.

“I used to be an international trampolinist. Yeah! I know, I was a gym freak. I know!”


2. He doesn’t like to be called by his first name

He usually seems uncomfortable when he is called by his first name. Just like gamers, he likes to be called by his nickname “Tubbo”.

3. He met Tommy through a stream raid

When you see the way they relate on youtube, you will think they have been friends since birth. The truth is that they met on the gaming platform when they were beginner gamers. Tommy had raided a stream that Tubbo was doing at the time. They became fast best friends from there. The friendship is called Allium Duo and the rest is history.

4. Tubbo used to be on Minecraft SMPEarth

Tubbo was part of the Minecraft SMPEarth server alongside his friends Tommy and Wilbur—for a short time before its closure.

5. He’s dyslexic

Tubbo is dyslexic and isn’t shy not feel bad about it. He has made his fans with similar disabilities feel good about themselves. Dyslexia affects about 5-10% of the population

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