How Long Does It Take To Become An Eagle Scout?

The top Scouting rank available to young people is “Eagle Scout.” In actuality, just 5% of new scouts ever earn the Eagle rank. Therefore, even for scouts who can achieve merit badges and rank criteria rapidly, becoming an Eagle Scout is a particularly challenging undertaking!

Before their application is accepted at the national level, candidates must acquire 21 or more badges, design and execute projects, write numerous essays, ask for five recommendation letters, put together an application binder, and go through a board of review. 

The procedure normally lasts for several years, with the last three to six months being the most demanding and time-consuming.

The fact that there are literally hundreds of standards to fulfill is the fundamental reason why earning an Eagle Scout is so challenging. 

One must advance through seven Scouting ranks, earn 21 merit badges, complete service project, take on a leadership role in their troop, and create their final Eagle Scout binder in order to obtain the title.

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What is an Eagle Scout School Like?

To become an Eagle Scout isn’t all that easy, and there is no school for it. Persistence and effort are required to become an Eagle Scout. Scouts must obtain each rank starting with Scout before moving on to the next. 

The following is a list of the tasks that a member candidate must complete: 

  • being an active Life Scout in the troop for at least six months 
  • Display adherence to the Scout Law and Scout Oath3 and offer testimonials from your family, coworkers, church, and other community organizations. 
  • Obtain 21 badges of merit 
  • occupy a leadership role for at least six months. 
  • Create, organize, and complete an Eagle service project. 
  • Attend a conference for Scoutmasters 
  • pass a review board 

For most teenagers, that is a really difficult request. In actuality, just 8% of the Scouts in 2019 achieved the Eagle Rank. 

Is being an Eagle Scout Worth it?

The Eagle Scout rank demonstrates that a Scout possesses the Scout BSA virtues of dependability, helpfulness, amiability, courtesies, kindness, obedience, cheerfulness, thriftiness, bravery, cleanliness, and reverence. 

Eagle Scouts are people of high character because they uphold the law. These qualities will benefit them in whatever they do, including as partners, parents, workers, and community leaders. 

The Eagle Scouts place a high value on achievement, tenacity, discipline, and motivation. Admissions personnel take into account the award while making their decisions and are aware of it. Although it won’t make up for bad grades, being an member can help an applicant. 

Although the officers might not be familiar with other distinctions or associations, they ought to be aware of the scouts’ BSA rank.

Being an Eagle Scout is a worthwhile experience that will provide the recipient with a number of advantages. These include enduring relationships, boosted self-esteem, and leadership abilities. 

Additionally, Eagle Scouts will be at a distinct advantage when applying for military service, jobs, and colleges.

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What Schooling Do You Need to Become an Eagle Scout?

Seven levels must be attained before you can become an Eagle Scout: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life. As a Life Scout, you have to complete at least 21 merit badges, work in a position of responsibility for six months, and go to a Scoutmaster conference.

The highest advancement level you can obtain in the Boy Scouts of America is Eagle Scout. A Scouts BSA member can only reach this level after advancing through six other ranks. 

You achieved a goal that only 8% of Scouts BSA members have, so you stand out from other members of the organization. According to recent research, the typical age to earn the Eagle Scout rank is 17 years old, or roughly the age of a senior in high school. 

Being an Eagle Scout shows your dedication to an extracurricular activity while also adding a unique element of interest and differentiation to your application. Admissions committees consider you committed for sticking with something you’re enthusiastic about for so long, since attending college is a significant commitment.

The typical educational requirement for Eagle Scouts is a bachelor’s degree. The typical academic fields for eagle scouts include business, mechanical engineering, or political science. The average Eagle Scout has a bachelor’s degree, whereas only 8% have an associate’s. 

In order to more thoroughly examine the subject of eagle scout education, we discovered these by reviewing 6,000 resumes. 

The most popular universities for students who want to follow their aspiration of joining the Eagle Scouts are Utah State University and Brigham Young University. We also analyzed which universities offer the best overall education.

The bachelor’s degree is the one that Eagle Scouts most frequently hold. That degree is obtained by 79% of Eagle Scouts. A high school diploma comes in third with 7%, followed closely by an associate degree with 8%.

How Long Does it Take to Become A Licensed Eagle Scout?

Before their application is accepted at the national level, an Eagle Scout candidate must acquire 21 or more badges, design and execute an Eagle project, write numerous essays, ask for five recommendation letters, put together an application binder, and go through a board of review. 

The procedure normally lasts for several years, with the last three to six months being the most demanding and time-consuming.

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How Much Does it Cost to be a Licensed Eagle Scout?

It costs money to join the Scouts BSA (previously Boy Scouts). You must pay an annual fee for each child enrolled in a troop in order to join Scouting. 

The BSA charges a $75 annual registration fee to join the scouts. In all BSA programs, this cost is the same. The same annual cost is paid by Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing Scouts, and Sea Scouts.

However, that is only the scouts’ membership fee, there are additional expenses related to becoming a Scout, such as: 

  • standard fees 
  • Scouting manual price 
  • the fees that your local troop requires 
  • Activity-specific fees

Eagle Scout Salary and Job Outlook After Study

Along with changing up your job search, it could be beneficial to consider a career path for your particular employment. You inquire what a job path is now. 

It virtually acts as a road plan for how you might move up the corporate ladder from one job title to another. Our career trajectories are particularly thorough with respect to pay fluctuations. 

Therefore, if you initially took on a missionary role, you may later progress to one such as a pastor. In the future, you might hold the position of project manager.

American Eagle Scouts make an average of $57,960 a year, or $28 an hour. The top 10% of earners earn over $116,000 annually, while the bottom 10% earn less than $28,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How should an Eagle Scout be listed on a resume? 

Eagle Scout should be listed first in the extracurricular achievements section of your resume. Include bullet points about your Eagle Scout service project, your leadership responsibilities, and Scout-related details relevant to the particular job you’re looking for beneath it

What value does earning an Eagle Scout award have for college? 

Most college admissions directors view being an Eagle Scout as a very impressive accomplishment. The Scout may have an advantage over other applicants as a result. 

Why is it necessary to be an Eagle Scout? 

Being an Eagle Scout is significant because it calls for a great deal of effort, commitment, and selflessness. It provides teenagers a goal to work for and fosters confidence, leadership, and a sense of responsibility for the neighborhood. These abilities transfer to college, the workplace, and adulthood.

What would be the Girl Scout version of Eagle Scout? 

The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor given by the Girl Scouts of the USA, is compared to the Eagle Scout award given by the Scouts BSA. The Scout can enter the military at a higher rank, qualify for certain scholarships, and set themselves apart from other college and career hopefuls by completing it in one to two years.


When a scout achieves the rank of Eagle Scout, he or she joins a group of Eagle Scouts who are all committed to the Scouting values. These principles serve as the cornerstones of leadership, service, and community and instill self-assurance and moral integrity in every member. From their teenage years on, these qualities help thm succeed at every stage and age of life.

Although 4-6 years to focus on one objective may seem like a long time, realize that what you’re doing is valuable and will benefit you for the rest of your life.


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