How Long Does It Take To Become An Appraiser?

In accordance with municipal, state, and federal rules, appraisers determine the price and worth of residential or commercial real estate properties. 

To keep appraisals as current as feasible, they also keep records of all appraisals, analyze market data, and keep records of all appraisal-related paperwork. 

Appraisers can focus on either residential or commercial properties or have a general practice. 

They may spend the majority of their working hours in the office or on on-site visits, depending on the type of property being appraised and their place of employment. 

Some appraisers work for themselves; therefore, they might have to work extra hours on the weekends and evenings to finish documentation.

Therefore, this article describes what an appraiser does and how long it takes to become an Appraiser and addresses some questions often asked.

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What is an Appraiser School Like?

It takes time and work to become a real estate appraiser, just like everything worthwhile. 

You can’t just get some personalized business cards and start acquiring clients. 

Several hours of coursework, a test, and state registration are all required. 

To expand your clientele, you’ll also require solid networking skills. 

Having said this, the reward for all of this work may be very worthwhile. 

By becoming an appraiser, you can work for yourself and manage your firm in a lucrative field.

Is Attending an Appraiser School Worth It?

The ability to operate on properties worth more than $1 million is given to Certified Residential Appraisers, which is not the case with a license alone. 

They may also work on vacant land and multi-unit structures with up to four independent units. 

To be certified, you must complete 1,500 hours of paid labor as an appraiser over at least 12 months. 

200 hours of AQB-required courses must also be finished. 

What motivates you to do this, then? You should obtain your certification for the following reasons:

1. Higher Earnings Potential

You might charge more for your services while working on higher-value properties. 

Increased income is the immediate result of this. 

You won’t have access to many high-value properties without certification, so having one will give you that opportunity.

2. Possibility of being a Leader

You will be qualified to have a supervisory position whether you work for a public or private company. 

Even your in-house appraiser trainees are an option.

3. Better Employment Opportunities

One of the finest methods for an appraiser to make a good living is to work for a financial institution. 

Almost always, banks will demand that you hold both a certification and a license.

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What Schooling Do You Need to Be an Appraiser?

1. Complete the Prerequisite Education

To become a real estate or property appraiser, you must finish 60 hours of prerequisite coursework. 

The 60 hours are broken down into two primary categories. 

These are classes that concentrate on fundamental appraisal techniques as well as fundamental appraisal principles. 

Many community schools, four-year colleges, and online certification programs offer classes that meet this need. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a degree above a high school diploma is required by several states for professional appraisers. 

You may be able to use passing grades from these courses to a degree in property valuation if you decide to pursue one. 

To help you in your career as an appraiser, the following list of related degrees is provided:

  • Bachelor of Science in Real Estate
  • Bachelor of Real Estate
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Finance
  • Associate of Real Estate
  • Associate of Arts in Real Estate Studies
  • Associate of Science Real Estate Appraisal

Sign up for a Training Program

The program’s first stage for appraiser trainees is an experiential learning component. 

15 hours of the Universal Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice are included (USPAP). 

As they will need to submit an official log to the state after completion, those going through this process should keep meticulous records of the training hours. 

The appraisal trainer serves as a temporary mentor and advisor to the trainee and can provide guidance and advice on how to carry out various job-related tasks. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a trainee who completes this program must be under the close supervision of a federally designated licensed residential assessor. 

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The four federal categories for appraisers are as follows:

1. Appraiser Trainee with a License

Those pursuing a residential license or certification can obtain a trainee appraiser license. 

A person must finish their basic academic requirements and their initial 15 hours of practical training before obtaining a trainee license.

2. Appraiser with a Residential License

30 semester hours of college-level coursework, 150 hours of coursework on appraisals, and 1,000 hours of work experience are all prerequisites for this licensure. 

If you are a licensed residential appraiser, you can evaluate single-family homes worth less than $1,000,000 and one- to four-unit buildings worth less than $250,000.

3. Certified Residential Appraiser

A Bachelor’s degree, 200 hours of appraisal-related school work, and 2,500 hours of professional appraisal experience are prerequisites for this certification. 

When a complicated property has a market worth of more than $250,000, it must be appraised at least once. 

4. The Certified General Appraiser credential requires a Bachelor’s degree, 300 hours of appraisal-related coursework, and 3,000 hours of professional appraisal experience collected over a minimum of two and a half years. 

Certified general appraisers can appraise the property of any kind or value.

Take a Trainee Exam

You can take the trainee test if you’ve finished the first 15 hours of professional appraisal practice. 

The state regulations governing data collecting, surveying, and other real estate-related issues are covered in each state’s Appraiser Trainee Exam. 

To become a licensed trainee appraiser in your state, you must pass the applicable state trainee exam and turn in your Universal Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice journal. 

With this permit, you can operate under close supervision and begin your career as a trainee professional property appraiser.

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Fulfill Additional Academic Requirements

To become an appraiser who can work independently, you must first fulfill the state’s educational requirements. 

Moving beyond the trainee level requires 75 more hours of course study in addition to the 60 hours of prerequisite education courses and the 15 hours of the Universal Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice. 

State-by-state variations affect the actual course requirements, although these hours often cover courses in residential market research, data collection, report writing, residential sales comparison, and site value.

Log 1,000 Hours of Experience

You can start keeping track of your work experience hours either while you’re still studying for the additional 75 hours of the appraisal course or after you’ve finished. 

Working under a manager or mentor’s supervision is possible if you are a licensed trainee appraiser. 

You must work 1,000 hours under your mentor’s supervision before applying for a regular residential Appraiser license and starting working independently. 

The state will require you to submit your official log and application for a state license or a national certification, so keep meticulous records of these training hours.

Take and Pass the SLREA or NULC Test

The NULC refers to the National Uniform Licensing and Certification test, and the SLREA is for the State Licensed Residential Real Property Appraiser examination. 

Both tests are evaluations that result in a formal standard residential license. 

The state where a person is applying for licensing is responsible for administering the SLREA exam, and each state has its requirements and minimum passing marks. 

The NULC exam and its prerequisites are the same throughout the nation, even if separate states also give it.

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How Long Does It Take To Become a Licensed Appraiser?

Obtaining a license as a residential appraiser might take a variety of times. 

States base their evaluation of a person’s qualifications on their job history and a minimal time frame. 

For instance, a person must complete 1,000 hours of supervised labor within the minimum period of six months to a year, depending on the state in which they reside, to transition from having a licensed trainee license to a standard residential license. 

Thirty semester hours are equivalent to nearly a year of full-time study. 

Depending on the individual, the time required to complete the educational requirements, the Universal Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice hours, and the 1,000 hours of trainee work may take different amounts of time.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Licensed Appraiser?

A commercial real estate appraiser’s license may cost between $2,500 and $3,000. 

The cost varies depending on the program and the region. 

Although the independent study is an option, examination success and examination fee payment are requirements for all applicants. 

The certification classes that give the educational background required to pass the exam are another expense associated with being an appraiser; they can run you $1,000 or more. 

Finally, candidates must pay the licensing fee (usually around $800) to acquire their formal authorization to practice commercial appraisal.

Salary and Job Outlook for Appraisers after Study

A property appraiser’s yearly salary is, on average, $61,824. 

According to reports, real estate and property appraisers earn between $14,000 and $142,000 a year. 

These variations depend on the sort of occupation a person holds, their level of education or license, and whether they work full- or part-time.

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Regardless of whether you want to pursue certification, becoming a real estate appraiser is the first step in a promising new career. 

With so many chances available in the present real estate market, it’s understandable why many people are considering obtaining their license and studying for a real estate appraiser position. 

So why do you still wait? Start by taking the first step, then research the rules in your state before continuing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In Texas, what is the average salary for a home appraiser? 

Texas pays a yearly average of $73,500 for real estate appraisers. In Texas, compensation for real estate appraisers can range from $29,500 to $199,000 and is influenced by several variables, including experience, employer, bonuses, and tips.

What is the role of a real estate appraiser? 

Professional real estate appraisers offer an unbiased assessment of a property’s market value when it needs to be settled, divided, or liquidated, simplifying the resolution of disputes. Dealing with zoning concerns, property division lawsuits, foreclosures, and estate settlements can benefit from this.

Do appraisers enter the property during a refinance? 

A house visit is necessary for a thorough appraisal. You can go to the appraisal if you like when it comes to a refinance. The appraiser will comprehensively examine the house’s exterior and interior to assess the property’s state and record its dimensions and characteristics.

What things should you never mention to a valuer? 

Just be sure to inform the appraiser about the house and neighborhood specifics, your pricing strategy, and any other pertinent information you believe they should be aware of. Do not discuss worth, as well. You’ll be alright if you don’t pressure the appraiser to “hit the value.”

Will a valuer use the restroom? 

Fix any problems before your appraisal date because an appraiser may test each light switch and flush the toilet to ensure everything is in working order. Have all of the mechanical equipment in your house, including the air conditioning system, cleaned and inspected.


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