How Long Does It Take To Become a Barber?

A career as a barber can be ideal for you if you have a talent for styling and enjoy making people look their best. 

Furthermore, it’s a fantastic and safe career path, which is the best part. 

As long as the hair is growing, barbers will always be necessary. People rely on barbers to keep them looking decent and tidy as they go about their daily lives. 

Barbers also need adequate training to ensure a job is well done. 

You may ask yourself, “How long does it take to become a barber?” For the answer, continue reading.

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Who is a Barber?

Men’s hair is normally cut and styled by barbers. Additionally, barbers could provide facials, hair coloring, and shaving services. 

During these procedures, barbers may use gloves or other protective clothing to protect their skin from harmful substances. They are also taught how to utilize a variety of implements, such as combs, clippers, scissors, and razors.

As a barber, you’ll mostly work with men to enhance their appearance by offering hair care and grooming services. You’ll shave clients, cut hair, and trim beards and mustaches. 

You can also massage your scalp, shampoo your hair, and blow-dry it. You could also offer other services, such as skin and nail care. 

You will use several instruments, including scissors, blow dryers, clippers, and shavers. 

Other job components include keeping a clean work area and sterilizing your grooming tools. 

To find out what services your clients want, consult them. You might offer advice depending on the customer’s preferences and your expert assessment. 

You could, if necessary, provide solutions to problems with the scalp and hair.

Is Attending a Barber School Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. Entering a barber program can be a great way to express your creativity and build a stable future, whether you are a high school student or a professional wishing to change career lines. 

In barber school, you’ll get the chance to study more than just how to trim hair; you’ll also have a chance to familiarize yourself with time-honored practices that are more in demand than ever.

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What Schooling Do You Need to Become a Barber?

To earn a barber certificate, follow these steps: 

1. Complete your high school degree 

You must graduate high school and be at least 16 years old to enroll in a barber certificate program. For a profession as a barber, basic aptitude in English, math, writing, and reading will be beneficial. No particular courses must be taken in high school to become a barber. 

2. Complete the necessary educational requirements

There are several ways to fund your studies to become a barber. Here are three typical career paths:


If you want to apprentice, you will work closely with a qualified barber who will guide you during your training. Although the duration of an apprenticeship varies from state to state, it usually lasts two years. 

Barber certificate or diploma

Both a barber certificate and a barber diploma are equivalent credentials. A barber certificate is a brief course on hair maintenance and styling fundamentals. 

It covers classes in beard shaving, facial hair grooming, hair care methods, and cutting and styling hair. 

Courses in salon administration and professional growth are offered in barber certificate programs. After completing the barber certificate program, you are eligible to sit for the barber licensure exam required by your state.

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Cosmetology degree

The duration of a cosmetology degree ranges from nine months to two years. A cosmetology degree program is available at community colleges, technical colleges, and vocational schools. Several colleges provide four-year cosmetology programs. 

A cosmetology degree covers hairstyles, chemical treatments, beard and shave care, and hair treatments. It also covers other relevant topics like facials, cosmetics, and nail care. This degree also teaches you how to launch and manage your salon. 

A cosmetology degree has the advantage that certain states permit graduates to take the barber licensing exam without finishing a curriculum in barbering. 

Such candidates typically need to enroll in additional courses to gain barber-specific skills.

3. Think about the licensing requirements in your state. 

It’s crucial to learn about the barber license requirements in your state before beginning this professional path. You must pass a state-approved licensing exam to practice barbering in that state. 

There may be a different licensing test for every state. You must prove that you have finished a 1,200-hour program, put in a certain amount of effort, and passed a test with both written and practical components. 

A written and a practical exam are both parts of the licensing process. There are also oral exams in several states. Your barbering abilities, including shampooing, cutting, massaging, stropping, and honing, are tested in the practical exam.

4. Renew your license

Most states require barbers to renew their licenses every one to two years. You must provide documentation that you have completed the continuing education credits to renew your barber license. 

A cost for license renewal is furthermore due. You must repeat your state’s licensing exam if you forget to renew your license and it expires. 

Due to the reciprocal system, you might be allowed to transfer your license if you shift states. States accept licenses from other states under this arrangement. 

The regulating board may grant you a reciprocal license if your education and experience are comparable to those of your new state’s standards.

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5. Obtain a certificate for a licensed barber. 

For barbers with at least one to seven years of professional experience, the American Barber Association (ABA) gives recognition. This credential, which is exclusively available to ABA members, is a hallmark of a highly qualified and reputable barber.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Licensed Barber?

You should consider all the required stages to know how long it takes to become a barber. 

The quick response is roughly two or three years. But the answer to this query is more complicated than just giving a single number. 

You must be at least 16 years old if you wish to work as a barber. 

Additionally, you must possess a high school diploma or GED. After fulfilling these straightforward prerequisites, you still must pass the barber school program. 

Getting your barber license can take you two to three years. 

Another option for those who desire to work for themselves is to enroll in business courses at a community college.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Licensed Barber?

Many people thinking about attending barber school have the question, “How much would barber school cost me?” as one of their initial thoughts. 

The response is that it depends. According to a study conducted on cosmetology and barber schools, most programs cost between $5,000 and $15,000. 

That’s a significant difference, so it likely raises many questions for you. We can talk about national averages all day long, but barber school prices vary based on various factors.

Some institutions list the tuition price, leaving out the possibility that the student would also have to pay for clothes, materials, kits, and textbooks. 

Others offer all-inclusive packages that combine tuition, books, supplies and other costs into a single lump sum. 

While the sticker shock may be initially greater, getting everything together as part of a package deal may save you significant time, money, and hassle.

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Salary and Job Outlook for a Barber after Study

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for barbers are expected to grow by 18% between 2020 and 2030, faster than the average rate ( 

According to the BLS, entry-level workers may have strong career opportunities, but those with work experience and licenses for various cosmetology services will have the best chances. 

According to the BLS, 53,000 new barber positions will be available between 2020 and 2030. 

An expanding population that will require the services of barbers and people who work in personal appearance is to blame for this expansion. 

According to the BLS, the median annual pay for barbers was $32,470 as of May 2020.


Although it doesn’t take long to get, keep in mind that learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. 

You will continue to gain new skills and adjust to evolving trends and technology as you continue to work in the profession. 

Nothing could be more ideal for a creative person than always to attempt new things and learn new things!

Starting a career as a barber is never too late. The doors are open to individuals who have a passion for the sector, regardless of whether they already have a degree, want to change careers, or are thinking about it right out of secondary school.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much time does it take to train to be a barber? 

To offer their services in their state, barbers must have a license. They must have completed at least 1,500 hours of education to be eligible to sit for the state-mandated licensing exam. A typical program lasts nine to 24 months. Writing the licensing exam and receiving full licensure may take a year. 

Can women work in barbershops? 

There are several female barbers, although men still dominate the profession. Approximately 24.7% of barbers are women, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For both male and female barbers, the same training is required. 

Where are barbers employed? 

Barbershops are where barbers normally work. For the convenience of business travelers, some luxurious hotels and spas have full-time barbers on staff.

What are a barber’s business hours? 

Many barbers work for themselves and set their hours. They might occasionally work irregular hours, such as evening and weekend shifts. 

What distinguishes a cosmetologist from a barber? 

The training required to become a cosmetologist and a barber is comparable. Both acquire skills in hair styling, beard care, and grooming. Barbers concentrate more on men’s hair and beards, while cosmetologists concentrate on other cosmetic procedures, including skin and nail care.

Can you become a barber after completing an online program? 

A practical career needing practical training is barbering. Although there are online courses for barbers, you must complete in-person training to become a licensed barber. 

You cannot become a certified barber by taking only online courses because most states require barber applicants to fulfill a specific number of practical hours. For continuing education credits, you can enroll in online barber programs.


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