How did Selena Quintanilla Die? Funeral, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Death

In the early 1990s, Selena Quintanilla-Perez (aka Selena) was one of the most popular singers in America. Her music and style were a unique blend of Tejano and pop, and her fans loved her for it. Selena was also known for her outgoing personality and charitable work. She was killed by Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her fan club, in 1995.

Despite her death at such a young age, Selena’s influence has continued to be felt. In 1997, she became the first Latin artist to win a Grammy award posthumously. In 2005, she was inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame. And in 2009, she was named one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People.”

Quick Facts

Full Name:Selena Quintanilla-Perez
Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of Birth:Apr 16, 1971
Selena Quintanilla Death:Mar 31, 1995 (23 years old)
Selena Quintanilla killer:Yolanda Saldivar
Selena Quintanilla Husband:Chris Perez
Selena Quintanilla Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession:Singer, Actor
Nationality:United States of America

Selena Quintanilla Family, Husband, Parents, Siblings and more.

Selena Quintanilla was born in Lake Jackson, Texas on April 16, 1971. She was the youngest child of Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and Marcella Quintanilla. Selena’s older siblings, AB Quintanilla III and Suzette, were also involved in the family business. Selena Quintanilla father ran a Mexican restaurant called Papa Joe’s, and he often hired musicians to play there. When Selena was nine years old, her father decided to start a band. He named it Selena y Los Dinos and asked his children to be a part of it.

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Selena was initially reluctant to join the band, but she eventually came around. She began singing and playing guitar with Los Dinos. The band became quite popular in the Tex-Mex music scene. In 1987, they released their first album, entitled Selena y Los Dinos.

In 1989, Selena met Chris Pérez, who would become her lead guitarist and husband. The two fell in love and began a secret relationship. This caused some tension within the band, as Selena’s father disapproved of their relationship. However, they continued to see each other in secret.

Selena’s career took off in the early 1990s. She released several successful albums and singles, including “Como La Flor” and “Amor Prohibido.” She won several awards and became one of the most popular Latin artists in the United States.

How did Selena Quintanilla die?

On March 31, 1995, Selena Quintanilla was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar. Saldivar was the president of Selena’s fan club and also managed her boutiques. She had been embezzling money from Selena and her father had recently fired her. On the day of the shooting, Selena went to meet with Saldivar to retrieve some financial documents. During their meeting, Saldivar pulled out a gun and shot Selena in the back. Selena Quintanilla died shortly afterwards.

Saldivar was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. She was sentenced to life in prison and is eligible for parole in 2025.

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Selena Quintanilla Funeral

Selena Quintanilla funeral was held on April 3, 1995, at the Seaside Memorial Park in Corpus Christi. Six hundred mourners, mostly family members, attended Selena’s burial. It was broadcast live by a Corpus Christi and San Antonio radio station without the family’s consent.

A Lake Jackson Jehovah’s Witness minister delivered an English sermon from 1 Corinthians 15, quoting Paul the Apostle’s words. The area was quickly swarmed by spectators in their cars.

A Jehovah’s Witness minister from Lake Jackson delivered an English sermon, which he quoted from 1 Corinthians 15. A large number of people began arriving in cars around the area.

Roberto Pulido, Bobby Pulido, David Lee Garza, Navaira, Laura Canales, Elsa Garcia, La Mafia, Ram Herrera, Imagen Latina, and Peter Astudillo were among the celebrities in attendance at Selena Quintanilla funeral. A memorial service was held at Los Angeles Sports Arena on the same day drawing a crowd of over 4000 people.

After Selena Quintanilla death, her family decided to keep her legacy alive by establishing the Selena Foundation. The foundation provides assistance to underprivileged children and families in South Texas. In addition, the family continues to release Selena’s music and maintain her boutique chain. They also operate a Mexican restaurant called Selena’s Café.

The Quintanilla family has also been involved in a number of other business ventures, including a clothing line and a makeup line. In addition, they have produced two biographical films about Selena’s life. The first film, Selena, was released in 1997. The second film, Selena: The Series, premiered on Netflix in 2020.

Selena Quintanilla Outfit

Selena Quintanilla outfit was very unique and her fashion sense was ahead of its time. She often incorporated traditional Mexican elements into her outfits, which helped her stand out from the rest. Selena’s clothing choices were always eye-catching and she frequently changed up her look. Selena was known for wearing tight-fitting clothes that showed off her curves, and she often donned colorful dresses and skirts. Selena’s style is still celebrated today, and many fans try to emulate her look.

How did Selena Quintanilla Die Funeral, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Death
How did Selena Quintanilla Die Funeral, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Death.
How did Selena Quintanilla Die Funeral, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Death
How did Selena Quintanilla Die Funeral, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Death.
Selena Quintanilla Funeral, Husband, Family, Death
Selena Quintanilla Funeral, Husband, Family, Death.


In the years since her death, Selena’s influence has only grown. She is considered one of the most important Latin artists of all time. Her music has inspired many other artists, and she is credited with helping to bring Tejano music to a mainstream audience. Selena’s story has also been told in several books and movies, including the 1997 film Selena starring Jennifer Lopez.

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Selena Quintanilla was a talented singer and songwriter who had a huge impact on the Latin music scene. She was taken from us too soon, but her legacy continues to live on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Selena Quintanilla killer?

Selena Quintanilla killer’s name is Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her fan club who shot her in 1995. Selena’s murder sent shockwaves throughout the Latino community and she became an icon in the years following her death. Selena Quintanilla killer, Yolanda Saldivar, is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Who is Selena Quintanilla Husband?

Selena Quintanilla was married to musician Chris Perez. The two met while Selena was on tour with her band and they began dating shortly after. Selena and Chris were married in 1992 and remained together until Selena’s death in 1995.

Selena Quintanilla Husband Chris Perez marriage
Selena Quintanilla Husband Chris Perez marriage.

What was Selena Quintanilla-Perez’s Net Worth?

Who had a net worth equal to $5 million at the time of her death in 1995.

How old would Selena Quintanilla be in 2024?

Selena Quintanilla would be 52 years old now.

What’s Selena Quintanilla last words?

Selena Quintanilla last words’ are “Yolanda… room 158.” She was “mortally wounded” and “frightened” when she identified Saldívar, her killer. Selena’s condition began to deteriorate rapidly as Shawna Vela and hotel sales manager Ruben DeLeon tried to stop the flow of blood.

How old was Selena Quintanilla?

Selena Quintanilla was 23 years old at the time of her death.

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